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Sarcastic :
(07:54) Sat, 9 Dec 17
My Tooth brush n underwear is on sale.. Used for 3months only.. Buyers can inbox me.. THANKS
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Sarcastic :
(19:34) Fri, 1 Dec 17
What makes u not to post anything here? Welldone.. Thanks..
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Sarcastic :
(16:18) Thu, 9 Nov 17
Cataract is the third biggest cause of blindness..
Religion and politics remain the first two..

This is the condition in India Right now, Not only in India this trend is followed in every country i guess..
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Sarcastic :
(17:35) Sat, 4 Nov 17
ANGEL CALLED YOU.(**,) After going through this topic I got something clicked in my mind..

Do we really exist or are we all part of someone else’s dream?
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Sarcastic :
(09:58) Sun, 16 Apr 17
A married Man died before SEX.
His Wife cut his Penis,
filled it with cement &
fixed it in d wall.
Every night she used to
go to d wall & get
satisfied herself. One
day her neighbour saw
He made a hole in the
wall removed the husband's penis & put his own penis in place of that.. & waited his turn for
The lady came with a
knife...cut his penis &
said..."Darlingtoday we
are shifting to our new
Moral,,,, don't put your dick everywhere..
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Sarcastic :
(06:41) Mon, 19 Sep 16
[Read topic Your fav smiley]
Sarcastic :
(06:29) Mon, 19 Sep 16
At BPO interview..
Interviewer : Can u talk in British accent?
Epicincognito : Yes sir.
Interviewer : OK.. Say something..
Epicincognito : Duguunaa lagaaan dena parhegaah..
Interviewer : Bhaag yaha se BC..
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Sarcastic :
(03:53) Sun, 18 Sep 16
Sardar is in a dissection class of cockroach.

He cuts its 1 leg, and said, "chal", it walks.

He cuts 2nd and 3rd legs and said, "chal" , it walks.

He cuts all the legs and said, "chal.....", it does not move.

Finally he wrote the conclusion:
"After all the legs of a cockroach are cut - it becomes deaf."
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Sarcastic :
(05:16) Thu, 8 Sep 16
They say honesty is the best policy and I think dishonesty is the second best and easiest policy..
What do u think?
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Sarcastic :
(12:40) Tue, 6 Sep 16
Human being is considered as a rational being because he/she is capable of thinking and reasoning. His superiority over other animals in learning and adjustment lies in his/her capacity for better thinking.
Some people think inside the box and some outside the box and I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE BOX IS..

What kinda person are you?
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Sarcastic :
(15:31) Mon, 5 Sep 16
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Sarcastic :
(11:00) Sun, 4 Sep 16
What makes ur day?
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