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Mr ToM AnD DeAth
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6 years ago
One day, mr tom call all his friends and
his neighbor,family co workers to his
Birthday party. So everybody his there
For the party,meanwhile that same day is
A last day for my tom in the world to
Spend,because god has already gave list
of who's suppose dies 120 years to death
And people must dies a day according to
There turns, and mr tom is among to die
Of people who's suppose die in that day
So every body is now enjoy there self at
Mr tom birthday's party. So mr tom is
Now happy for the occasion few times
Death appear to him nobody can't seen
Him except mr tom. Now when mr tom saw
Death he ask who are you? Death answer
Him it's me death god send me to kill
You today, and these is list of the
Who will die for a day for 150 years. So
Your turn is today and I must kill you
My tom now beg death in order to post
Him to 150 years with food and lot of
Beers so death eat and drink every thing
He now stand up to go urine immediately
Death went for urine mr tom now going to
check list he now saw that he is first
Person in the list he now change it to last number. When death came back he now
Said that tom you try for me you give me
Food I eat you give me drink I drink now
Now I will pardon you I will not started
From up again I will started from last
To the top. oh I ruin my self, said by
Mr tom.
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6 years ago
When death come then nobody could make it delay or fast.
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6 years ago
Lengthy enough dude.... smiley
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6 years ago
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