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~~sLaUghT3r HoUS3~~ SesSIoN1{tHroN3~oF~^D3atH^}
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9 years ago
dropin rhyme endlesly freestylin witout lukin bck.
Kilin em all wt hatred.



Dnt have mercy on whom u hate...
We revivin ds zone cuz we begin wit ds SESSION 1 sLAUGHtER HOUSE WIT MY HOMMIE GANGSTERION DA C-GUY.. bLaCk_LiSt3d,
Wher u @HNIC-7 ,RaW,Resphanto Jamolous etc.LEts begin n let blood SPILL AL OVA!

only seek for the throne,and sign ur death warrant... I sit @ d top,com drop me down... RapBattleZ only 4d survival,kill any muthafu.cker u dnt like here!... Shaev7

He who bids the rule of Law may deemed to bid God and has element of a beast.. Aristotle
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9 years ago
Yo man,wusup al ur al..im bck mudafuka,we bck murdafuka,HNIC wer u @,c'on lets show em suckaz wat tym it is,ayo C-GUY i kno u there,lukz lyk sum1 s abt 2b slaughterd..yea..

Welcom 2da ill-world of mr.7/i burzt yall brains colapzin em lyk 9/11/if u tink ds zone ain bck dn GETDAFUCKOUT/imm bck lyk shady so SHUTDAPUNKMOUTH/2many souls here ar drown in a RIVER/u beta get it 2ur skul ima fukn soul REAVER/u so sick,i fuckn bringn em FREESTYLES/i kill n bury u filthy body in da SEASIDE/im 2big 4da world my shouldaz ar dat of a BOULDA/criticaly spitin might blow ur fukn head wt my AK lyk dat of a SOLDIER/u dnt wan me 2 SHOW YA/im getin mur ill wt da mic am abt 2 THRO YA/of dis zone in ain dead FAG/if u fukin diss me i'l SLAUGHTER U/u in2 da slaughter house no fukin escapin til we MURDA U/its game ova do ya sign of d cross cuz we juz 2 AFTER U/yo my gee C-GUY/in my slogan is markd DEATH i ain porny dey BITCH-GUYS/at a stretch suckn my dick is dia INTENSITY/i cn gv em bt wit marginal PROPENSITY/we nt in 4trash,we bringn em COMPLEXITY/oh damn d bitchy man its lyk dey PUSHIN DIA FLOWS/i gv quick smack leavn yal FOOLISH 2DOSE/if yal dnt lyk dat u cn suck my dick if u want my CUSHIN 2BLOW/am nt a homo lyk em 2bitches fuckn MUSHIN FEW FLOWS/2much stage names nt even 1 is a REAL GEE/im 2hungry n nid 2 eat sum REAL BEEF/if yal FASTIN,dn cum MEET ME/i break it 4u by havin as my SEALD MEAT!
ok AYO AYO,tryn ta drop da MIC shxt C-GUY wher u AT am tired da mic s HOT n fils lyk wana BLOW dey SHORT of wrds n lack real FLOWS we kip aimin wt GLOC n rockin da BOAT doin nutin bck havn em SHOT n crackn em BONEZ..uh..uh..uh,sombdy had 2get me outa ds PLACE cuz my spits bout hit sum1 wtout a TRACE hey we got new MODS n we dnt even kno DS DAYS,let me pas da mic 2da C-GUY let him fuckin tel us em NAMES?
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9 years ago
Ok sumbody is bout 2get MEDICALLY RETARDED/if yu dnt take ur time CRITICALY MINDED/u nt gon stnd uz CYNICALY DIS AIN 4DA FAINT-HEARTED/ooooohhh..
im sick,sumbody hav 2get out da STAGE/lock me up prepaly cuz im mur villainous dan da lions lockdup in a CAGE/fuckn beat my style i ain gvin a fuck AN INCH/checkn out da flows i build em rhymes bigger dan Jackson's RANCH/u nt gona undastnd ds sh!t am SPITTIN/til u suck my dick n get em finger LICKIN/sht datz gayin,fuck it am QUITTIN/nt ds sh!t am juz CLICKIN/i mean da gay bangin SITTIN/uh,sh!t i stil wana spit an UNLEASHIN RAP/put da mic down hoe u choke u juz VOMITIN CRAP/im nt endin til sum1 get SLAUGHTERD/get beatin seriouly injured n BATTERD/poke my dick tru dose hoes fuckin hurt em VIRNITY/screamin sh!t lyk u wana gv birth bitch visit da MATERNITY/bulsh!t Shaev7 angry wt da MIC/dropin dope rhymes punchn murdan MIKE TYSON's SMACK/fuckn hot n fasta dan RAFAEL NADAL's SPIKE/subliminaly sh!t,am PSYCH/dnt u ever tak me 4a JOKE/homo,my words got sharper teeths n dey gona POKE/wt a velocity faster dan SERENA's STROKE/cumin stranglin agents dey gon fuckin make u CHOKE/my crib is fuckin full of chronic SMOKE/in care cuz i fuckin live by alcoholics n DOPE/u dnt wana KNOW/y am so fuckn UPSET/draw ur venn diagram u nt gona find urself even in da SUBSET/ds thread is gona ful of DISSIN/polutin MISSION/n DELITION/no OBJECTIONS/murfuka fuckin EVICTION/in ds house datz d only phukn MOTION/spitin unlimited rhymes lyk patient wt da diseas of continous PISSIN/no stopin its a CEASLES DISSIN/n i mean truly stil an ENDLES DISSIN/splitin pusiez apart gv u hoes a HARMLES KISSIN/i got mur dan i nid in ds PLAC3/my game is horor its nt a movie let me sho u wat a fear factor IS/sh!t is goin 2long NOW/i stil gon pass da mick nxt PLOW/suckin my dick bitch sh!tin it hurts AH/damn pusiez dnt drinkoff my damn SPERMs/oh sory hoe,u cn cuz dey constitutd wt killa GERMS/
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9 years ago
suckaz are already gettin chewed up............................................................................. dont b afraid, b like EMIN3M
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9 years ago
Yea letz show 'em how its done...........
ill shxt frm da illest shaev who hapens 2 be da illest butch in diz place......here i go!!!........i brought my dick n forgot my SPERM...i kill elfuego n plant him in d ground like a STEM/no1 fuck lyk me cos am mudafucker come to FUCK-YA/i got 2 brains/my VEINS dnt have DRAINS/my words dnt play GAMES/nobody survives my gangsterious ATTACK/i got rhymes stacked up in my BAG PACK/am d illest people call me GRIMJACK/am gonna kill evry1 wit my SOUNDTRACK/now lets get to d ill world of the GANGSTERION BOY/afta my brain surgery i killed my whole CONVOY/niggas die wen i spit viral words/all cos i got a metal cock/wen i spit my mic dies of lead POISONING/my words kill d brain of fools/so good cn be digested like food/my am so evil hell isnt enough to kill me/ Introductory rhymes.....wil be back iller
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9 years ago
shaev7 killed ya amigo
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9 years ago
who the fuck are you dawg
you want me to stalk every bar of yours
giving shxt rating just to be an asshole?
stay the fuck out of my posts or write a battle
instead your a joke I can handle easy like pussy..
A dude who likes to get dick poked but rookie
takes it in the ass with a squeegy
you gettin a beatin
thinkin transvestites in your rhymes is pleasin
spare me while you bite lines off we2
youtube instrumental pages make your life too easy
you rage at me despite your rhyming weak doodoo
a freak who tries voodoo with male poopoo
Ill shoot you take a seat with the nobodies fool your through
you bit so many lines you could feature a thread
how to copy a G you got HIV from giving head
so many copies always on top of me
Im not gay you disgusting freak get lost please
dont even look at me ever again or be tossed by my piece
to the bottom of the ocean toastin your ass to satan
your flamin and Im debatin cuttin most of your insides open
your chokin on your ripped lines hopin
nobody notices your broken
but I know the truth when its in my face
your a fucking digrace give up the chase
you goofed your face is annoying dont even pixilate
another word spewed on my screen
I got enough proof to hate this human being

gangsta shxt.... boy u r wack
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9 years ago
You want my fist around clips
May you sleep in peace with the fish, yous a hoe
And in the pen. you be a bitch
Using red M&Ms for lipstick
I snatch your bitch, then snatch your life
And keep your fingers, for braggin rights
Next week youll be watchin my troka
Cause your ass aint shxt but a panocha
You have a choice, die or be miserable
Bishop texas, home of the invisible
I warned yu to stay of my genitals
Now I gotta turn this fuckin fruit into vegetables
Having nightmares, homie you aint dead yet
Waking up with your motherfucking bed wet
I have fun with fucking punks like you
Tell his momma not to worry hell be dead by Two
His head, impounded, they never found it
He in the dirt, you can say he got grounded
Im a shouter, livin how I tell it
And if you see him, tell him I said
yu a bitch ill fuck yu up so shut ya mouth
for i knock ya bitch ass out
yah ill bring the pain
and how dare ya call me lil wayne
dont be mad cuz i got doe
and yu dont,matta fact thats how i stole ya hoe
yu talkin shxt to me i dont give to fucks
yu step in my face ill put yu in an all black tux
now yu layin in a casket hard as a rock
cuz my lead, hit chya head, and make it snap crackle and pop!

gangsterion u re dead
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9 years ago
am comin soon 4 blow........
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9 years ago
i am the feature presentation, your rhymes are just a segment/
a bitch could just look at me, and get herself pregnant/
I make bustin a gat look good cuz I hold it well/
in second grade I brought a live grenade to class for show and tell/
its obvious there ain no right, go look up "crazy motherfucker"/
in the dictionary and find a picture of me/
Im accurate when I terrorize, I am unique/
fuck around and be in a wheelchair as a paralyzed amputee/
can you see?! Im like Chuck Norris swingin his nunchucks/
bitch slappin these young sluts, spillin guts outta you dumb fucks/
spit flames in battles, leave you cooked in ashes/
illiterate son of a bitch you couldn read a book of matches faggot!/
you know my steelo, I be bringin niggaz the best beats/
niggazll test me, get so shook they diagnosed for epilepsy/
i spit trife when I rip mics, nigga I been nice/
fill you up with bulletholes and play the flute witcha windpipe/
slice into two pieces and you still ain half a man/
take cover while Im throwin rocks at you like cats in Pakistan/
slap you with my gat packin backhand, you have that rap man/
when my track jam, even the preacher sayin, "God Damn!!"/
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