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Our Daily Bread
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12 months ago
Quote: saahir: Thanks for sharing.

Wecome bro
12 months ago
Quote: jaQui:
Nice topic. WoW ! Its still here since 2009 . Unbelievable!!!

I cant believe it either. Some of my topics are lost but this one stayed. Am happy about it.
12 months ago
Thanks for sharing.
12 months ago

Nice topic. WoW ! Its still here since 2009 . Unbelievable!!!

12 months ago
God Knows

Leslie Koh

Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:4

Matthew 6:1–4

When Denise met a hurting young woman in her church, her heart went out to her and she decided to see if she could help. Every week she spent time counseling her and praying with her. Denise became her mentor. However, some church leaders didn’t notice Denise’s efforts and decided to assign a church staff member to mentor the woman. No one, they commented, seemed to be taking care of her.

While she was not expecting any credit, Denise couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. “It’s as if I wasn’t doing anything at all,” she told me.

One day, however, the young woman told Denise how grateful she was for her comfort. Denise felt encouraged. It was as if God was telling her, “I know you’re there for her.” Denise still meets with the woman regularly.

Sometimes, we feel unappreciated when our efforts don’t get recognized. Scripture, however, reminds us that God knows what we’re doing. He sees what others don’t. And it pleases Him when we serve for His sake—not for man’s praise.

Perhaps that’s why Jesus gave us an example by telling us to do our giving “in secret,” so that “your Father, who sees what is done . . . will reward you” (Matt. 6:4). We need not look to others for recognition and praise; we can take heart that God knows when we’re faithful in serving Him and others.

Lord, forgive me for the times when I crave others’ recognition and praise. Help me to serve for Your glory alone.

God sees everything we do for Him.

9 years ago
9 years ago
God makes a way 4 us and gives us the food 4 the day
9 years ago
May d our lord Jesus help us al actualize our dreams
9 years ago
Be careful for nothing,but in everything by prayer and supplication let ur request made known unto God.
9 years ago
Jesus is the bread of life ,man shall not live by bread alone but by everyword that proceds out of the mouth of the master
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