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Posted by deepak.rj :
73rd Independence Day 2019 (7)
We are celebrating India's 73rd Independence Day on 15 August 2019. We should have the unity in our ... (more)
Wednesday 14th August 2019
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Mera Bharat Mahaan
Posted by Maryam :
​​things to focus on: 1. Your purpose in life⏳ 2. Your health 🌡❤️ 3. Your men... (more)
Saturday 10th August 2019
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Nice advice nice topic keep posting
Posted by Maryam :
Some times in life, There are People whose Greatest happiness Seems to be bringing Joy to others... (more)
Wednesday 7th August 2019
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Lovely composed
Posted by harsh :
Always use 3 GOLDEN RULES in life (6)
who is helping you, don't forget them who is loving you, don't hate them who is believing you, don't... (more)
Sunday 4th August 2019
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Nice message
Posted by Maryam :
Mike and Dora (13)
Mike & Dora on chatting Mike : Hi dear. Dora : ✋ Mike : How are you .?? Dora : 😊👍 Mike : M... (more)
Wednesday 31st July 2019
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Maryamo a naoti girl
Posted by Maryam :
E~G~O (9)
Don't set your ego too high. Huge ego, huge possibilities to break up as well. You might lose you... (more)
Wednesday 24th July 2019
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Posted by zugzwang :
flood in india (1)
as mansoion arrives in india there is flood in most parts of india… very big problem, but many big... (more)
Tuesday 23rd July 2019
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Many places affected by disaster in India
Posted by ABHIRAJ :
My life is unbalanced (9)
Cutest Proposal.... Boy: I Have A Big Question And I Am Hoping You Can Give Me The Answer.. Girl: Wh... (more)
Sunday 21st July 2019
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Beautifully composed
Posted by ABHIRAJ :
Plz dont break Hearts..... (7)
ECG Ultra Sound CAT Scan X.Ray Blood Test MRI CT Scan . . No Medical Test is Needed to Find Symptoms... (more)
Saturday 20th July 2019
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Real TOD...
Posted by ABHIRAJ :
Love your husband (35)
Love him When he orders you to make cofee or tea... He wants to feel fresh to listen your 'nonstop' ... (more)
Monday 15th July 2019
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