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Ranked match special rules:
1. Each player is subject to a time limit of 120 hours per move. If a player fails to move within this time, their opponent will automatically win the match. The exception to this is if time expires when no moves have been made - in this case the time will be extended to 30 days, after which the game will be declared void and deleted if no move is made by this time.

2. If you believe the position to be a technical draw but your opponent does not agree, you may ask an arbiter to make a decision. You should do this before your 120-hour time limit for making a move expires.

3. Once an outcome to the match has been decided (due to a player resigning, a draw being agreed between the players, a player failing to move for 120 hours [or being unable to due to being checkmated], or an arbiter decision) each player's rating will be adjusted via an Elo algorithm based on their result. Note: ratings are ONLY affected by ranked matches, and will be adjusted within an hour of a result.

4. In a ranked match some options will be unavailable. You may not play against yourself, legal move validation will always be on, and private matches are not possible.

5. All players who have taken part in an active chess match in the last 30 days will be shown in the players list, except for those choosing to deregister from the list. A player may register, deregister or re-register themselves on the list at any time without affecting their rating.

Technical Notes:
1. The board should display perfectly in almost all browsers, as the board is displayed as a whole jpeg image.

2. ChessBoard is an original script. If you find any bugs that prevent the board working as intended please inbox the details to the author. You may turn the validition of legal moves off and on during the game (except in ranked matches).

3. If your opponent makes a bad move, you may reverse it and inform them of their error via PM or the chat. You may only do this if you do not respond to the move. If you wish to reverse several moves, you may agree to reverse to any previous position by selecting the position from the game history and asking your opponent to accept.

4. Edit board option allows you to set up a position yourself before inviting a friend to play.

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