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Blog by ~shiroz~fa
Title: Friend ship
your experiences will be your alone,but truth and best friend ship wil rarely if ever disappoint yo... (more)
12 days ago
Blog by trizzy
Title: Kings & Queens zone
it's a entertainment,chat website that give you access to all entertainment news in the world.
15 days ago
Title: poinweb
Dapatkan poin gratis dengan ceria & konten menarik dipoin-web. Tukar poin yang terkumpul dengan uang... (more)
3 months ago
Blog by maszam
Title: Online fashion shop
Welcome my friend all .. in this occasion maszam willing to offer men and women clothing. For thos... (more)
4 months ago
Blog by Rockofages
Title: Clean And Decent Chat Please.
Welcome All And While Here Online,let Ur Chatting Be Honest And Decent.
5 months ago
Blog by Phronesis
Title: Vipul
To the sweetest and greatest person I have known in my existence. Who showed me love and what it mea... (more)
5 months ago
Blog by anjali5220
Title: love u
im sexy
6 months ago
Blog by tRuEbLuE
Title: The Dark Side of Love
Some people will love each other until the day they die, spending the majority of their lives apart.... (more)
6 months ago
Blog by arjun2279
a new way of communication visit our new website
7 months ago
Blog by swtnnice
Title: what u say girl
DOES the breast size matter as to your work and your activities?
7 months ago
Blog by tRuEbLuE
Title: Light
In every moment that seems dark and difficult in our lives, if we only remember to increase the poin... (more)
7 months ago
Blog by tRuEbLuE
Title: Listening
I believe that the most inexpensive yet the most valuable gift we can give another human being is ou... (more)
7 months ago
Blog by tRuEbLuE
Title: Friends
Friends touch our lives. Some fleetingly, some stay for a time. But however long the duration, one t... (more)
7 months ago
Blog by tRuEbLuE
Title: Love Hurts
A heart not tough or strong enough will receive a lot of pain. It will feel beaten, broken, battered... (more)
7 months ago
Blog by tRuEbLuE
Title: Baby My Love
My heart is yours because you came into my world with love. Days colored with happiness, warmed by ... (more)
7 months ago
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