ava zugzwang: latvian gambit DRAWN
ava zugzwang: latvian gambit
ava AARUSHROY22: akshxta ji i miss u

1. timelimit shall be 24 hourz.

2. 3 verses each by mcees (1 verse = 1 post total of 6 post after each match)

3. No interferance until after match.

4. No biting. winner getz 200 pluses and qualifies for the next round.

Goodluck to you raplords
(23:15) Tue, 19 Apr 11
spektraflame has 3 votes and thus he's our winner. Thanks to our judges.
(17:14) Fri, 22 Apr 11
Xtreme and Spektralflamez both equally had a good flow though Spektralflamez stepped up a little more for me and is my pick. Good stuff from both.
(14:42) Fri, 22 Apr 11
My vote for spec ktralflamez ..
(11:01) Fri, 22 Apr 11
Spektral's last verse is outta time! Xtreme was good at his 3rd verse, but lacked flow in first!
I vote [user]Spektralflamez[/user].

Sorry for delayed judgements!
Peace out.
(07:40) Fri, 22 Apr 11
Thanks to our contestants for their marvelous inputs. You did great. Now our judges will cast their votes.

Please no more post from any mcee, thanks.
(07:34) Thu, 21 Apr 11
I have seen da ~WORSE~without ~REMORSE~i spit ~RHYMEZ~so many ~TIMEZ~like bulletz into ur earz when i ^REHEARSE^/as u ~BLEED~i chew ur earz heart with ~GREED~i write with ya blood my ~rap~CREED~,u a bitch of a fucqin
~BREED~i eliminate u like da smoke of my ^WEED^/as u pass out like ~FUMEZ~make u silent wit my ~GANGSTAR~TUNEZ~heat u on a boiling point,till u melt into ~STEAM~of ~RAIN~DEWZ~nail u to da krozz,bleeding,i act like da fucqin~JEWZ~so ur obituary written all over da ~ NEWZ~finally i condemn u like da ^GOD~of~ZEUZ^/i'm 2wap rap
~DEADLIEST~my punches are ~HEAVIEST~cutz thru ur eye lidz like ~BRUCE~LEE~IRON~FIST~in hellz ~MIZT~with a chain saw i cut off ya fuckin ^WRIST^/as ur blood ~WASTEZ~fillz my showerz as i bath fuck! sour it ~TASTEZ~when i drink somd b4 ur soul~LATEZ~6th june 1966 is da evilz ^DATEZ^/AH as i come wit da 7keyz of ~HELL~where i ~DWELL~i ring da ^BELL^/4 diz day of ya ~EXECUTION~I hold one key to ur soul 2 end ur ~RESOLUTION~set ur heart in ^CONFUSION^/I surpass ur low~ABILITY~choke u wit acid 2 ya ~DIZZ~ABILITY~u fucking flesh on earth,slaughter u 2 ^FATALITY^/X~trim u worth nothin'when i get u ~CAPTURED~ur soul perishes without being ^RAPTURED^/i flame u up with an ~EXTINGUISHER~so ur head burnz 2 ~ASHEZ~deep into ur ~NOSTRILLZ~hydrogen ~GASES~ui rhymez sound in low ^KLASSEZ^/i raise u up like ~TYPHOON~dip into ur throat a ~RUSTED~SPOON~as u get infected with ~TET~ANUZ~see u bleed thru ur ^ANUZ^/I wrap u up witg ~LAND~MINEZ~blow up ur body into da ^NILEZ^/I pull out ya ~SPINEZ~bury u under ~LAND~MINEZ~cripple ur ~HINDZ~infect my poisnouz rhymez,make u lose ur fucking ~MINDZ~flamez bringz u ~DEATH ~finally~shut ya trap in diz ~GRAVE~ur mind fuckin^NAIVE^~bury u in da ^CAVE^/
(00:02) Thu, 21 Apr 11
in da lab
back in da~LAB~wit dis~FAG~cut off ur hair as~RAG~to clean up my my lab~APARATUS~sick of posting reads ur~STATUS~i can c d audience n judges~LAMENTING~at the commensment of my~EXPERIMENT~spray ur dick wit Hcl to make ur~DICK..START..RUSTING~(sick of posting)//bore hole in ur~CLAVICLE~as my measuring~CYLINDER~use ur vein as~BURETTE~to suck my~base~bore hole in us shoulder~bonez~as my~PIPEPETE~use ur blood as methyle orange~INDICATOR~aint ur mentor bt am d~INSTRUCTOR~amma remove all d water solution during~EVAPORATION~make u high on ethanoic acid(alcohol)decantate ur body//seperating ur flesh frm ur blood during~FILTERATION~put u in an acidicied water during~SUB.LIMA.TION~aint leaving u until ur bood undergo~CON..DEN..SATION~allowing it~PRECIPATE~in d hell for~CE..LE..BRA..TION~coagulate ur blood in a high~BOILING POINT~making all ur bonez undergo severe~melting.point.
~heart beat stop~
(23:15) Wed, 20 Apr 11
What more can i give 2 be ~RATED~i'm fucking ~X-RATED~over da ~HEAVY~WEIGHT got diz niggaz ~DICK^CASTRATED^/i'm da raging ~INFERNO~uncontrollably,i burn out ur ~FEMUR~to ~DUZT~ particlez in ~DIZZ~GUZT~turn 2 ashes ur ^BRAIN~MEMO^/i'm da ~SUPER~NATURAL~in da ability of ~PRO~WEARZ~(prowess),u can't measure in dizz ~SIM~MET~REE~(simmetry),i put ya neck in a ~LOOP~caught in my plot~COUP~get u choked 2 death,put u in da ~CEMETARY~^SPEKTRAL^banging topz diz headz ^RAP~LDGENDARY^/i dismember ur ~CEREBRUM~wit an ~AXE~send as ~FAX~ 2 ya mama,burst open ur ~CEREBELLUM~with 9 inch bulletz makes my bloody ^TRAX^/my vocal wordz cost more than a~CASH~MERE~bring u death immediately likd ~SHOCK~of ~a ^NIGHT~MARE^/watch my ~START~TEASE~TICKZ~(statistics),so ~DIE~NAH~MEEK~(dynamic),~in~vadez~ b4 ~fadez~ bring u calamitiez..as i dip an ~ARROW~in2 ur ~bone~MARROW~make u bleeding lying ^FALLOW^/depriciate ur life ^IN~STINKTZ^
(instinctz)/i inflict ~VENOM~in2 ya heart thru my fangz like a ~KING~COBRA~in2 ya ~VEINZ~inject poisnouz ~SERUM~in2 ya ^FINGER~NAILZ^/make u ~THE~MORAL~ICED~(demoralised)my rap game is ~MEZZ~MARE~RISED~(mersmerised),so i burst rhymez as they ~RUST~inside ur ~BLADDER~intertwine ur intestinez in2 ~KNOTZ~deep a dagger in2 ya heart wit deep ~CUTZ~bleed till ur blood ^CLOTZ^/get bitten by da ~ADDER~so ^HARDER^/i use a fork 2 pull out ya ~TEST~TICKLEZ~(testicles)as ur blood dropz when i cut into ur ~VENTRICLEZ~grind ur intestines into sand ^PARTICLEZ^/i'm negatively mental ~IN~SIR~KNEE~TEA~(insanity),so u die like a hellz ~VAN~KNEE~TEA~(vanity),i forcefully squeeze u into a ~SHREDDER~grind u into pieces of ~LEATHER~make ur blood clot under da ~COLD~WEATHER~as ur skin gety dried 4 my belt,make u as light as ^LEATHER^/i'm of ~ZERO
TOLERANCE~choke ur neck with an anchor hang u wit ^VENGEANCE^/wit my shas ~CLAWZ~i choke u by da ~JAWZ~tear u into pieces like a ~CANNIBAL~consume u like a ~CANIVORE~like ^ANIMAL^/like an ~ALLIGATOR~seize u on da ~ELEVA OR~slash u with my spiked tail,send u 2 pieces like a ~TERMINATOR~
(23:12) Wed, 20 Apr 11
Amma b~HACKING~n~GRINDING~ur~BRAIN~form~LACE~with ur vein,make u undergo surgical~PAINS~amma burn u in ur own~FLAMEZ~pt u in a state of~INSANITY~,tear apart ur veins wit~KONC SALINITY~pt u in a state of~INSANITY~am back for ur~SKULL~design ur body wit~SPOCKET~take u to d climax wit a~ROCKET~dispense ur body n land in da~CEMENTARY~amma make u hurge for~MENSTRAL BLOOD~swim endlessly in ur own~POOL OF BLOOD~remove ur skeleton frm ur body wit my bear~HANDS~(scorpion)~i knw its been lng u did biology~bt amma~KILL~DRILL~ ur blood witout~PITY~amma lyrically analize ur~BIOGRAPHY^ELIMINATING~ur life~SPAM~SUBSTITUTING~ur~IRRITABILITY~wit~DEATH~am high wit~ACIDIC~BLOOD~killing u wit my sublimation, feel d impact of my~FURRY~as i drive my 250mm~SWORD~in ur body~SLOWLY~as i~SPOKE~ur~EYE~SOCKET~ wit a~SPOCKET~/dis is a strng~BEEF~n amma dish ur rotten body as~BEEF~to my dogs~i kam wit a~CHAIN SAW~to disect ur body frm ur~HEAD~to~ur~TO~using my~FRET SAW~to form~SPECTRAL~wit ur~PLUMUNARY VEIN~amma sell ur parts to~ZAIN~and make~GAIN~and make u screen~PAIN~use ur blood as~RED_CARPET~for judges to pass~VERDICT~u a~FAG~i will be back to collect ur blood for~TITRATION~in d~LAB~.
Mic in progress.
(21:33) Wed, 20 Apr 11
Its gud 2 b back here i read ur post against RaW-n-Diabolical but u worn by~CHOICE~bt now its me and you,bt amma kill u witout give u a~CHANCE~amma xtract ur blood and cloth~YOU~bundle~YOU~n throw u in da mids of~TERMITE~as i watch dem feast on ya body till it~ROTTEN~leaving u~SKELETAL~i gat ur blood flooded in my~ROOM~am a cleaner bt gat no~RAG~u're a bastard for murdering RaW bt can u drink is blood~NO~amma~RACK~ur bonez in d snooker~BOARD~and got dem scatter by my single~SHOT~smileyamma waist ur life wit~5SHOT~i cant die coz i gat 9LIFE~am^AGELESS^LIFELESS~i guess u've forgotten d gravity of d pain u felt when u got~STABB~by~SHEAV7~niga dis jst a brief~INTRODUCTION~of d~DESTRUCTION~i gat in stock for u~GENERATION~amma injest ur body wit toxic~IMMUNIZATION~
Bt amma start wit u~SPECTACLE(spectral)i can c u make d~LOUDESS~noise coz u an empty~VESSEL~amma kill u n pt ur blood in my blood~VESSEL~use it as a blood meal to feed~PISCES~amma pack ur bonez~PIECES~like i did to~RESSY~blast ur life wit da sniper till u become a~BROKEN~PIECES~GLASSES~amma command d air to remove~SPINAL CORD~untill u're~SPINELESS~amma glue ur mof until u~SPEECHLESS~amma squizze ur dick till u become~IMPOTENT~in da game am da~OMINIPOTENT~.
Mic in progress.....
(20:27) Wed, 20 Apr 11
With ~BL~A.I.D.Z~(bladez),I X~TRIM ya ~LUNGZ~ into ~SH~APEZ~ur blood dripz,as i ~FEROCIOUSLY~beat u up like ~wild^APEZ^/u bleed ~RUSH~like da ~period~of~MENS~TRAL~dry up ya ~VEINZ~with da fire of ~SPEK~TRAL~with da ~SHOT GUN~ blast out ya ~CEREBRUM~ frm da ^CENT~RAL^/as ur blood ~POPZ~out like ~CHAMP~PAIN~(champaigne)frm da ~FOUND~THANG~(fountain),spill ya blood on da streetz 4 ya ~DEATH~ ^CAMP~PAIN^(campaigne),drag u with chainz on ya neck ~TIGHTLY~ knoted,throw u down frm ~EVEREST~frm diz ^MOUTH~THANG^(mountain)/get u ~DEFORMED~with bruizes,slice ur intestinez in2 ~SAUCE~AGEZ~(sausages),steam u up in da meal of ~PORT~AGEZ~(portages),wrap ur bondz up in my ~LOG~AGEZ~(luggages)/i'm ~ILL~RELIGIOUSLY~da ~DEVIL'Z~INCARNATE~,i make ya life "sick" ~MISERABLLY~and ~ESCALATE~,crush u into ~THORNZ~c u bleed on da screen of my ^ESCALADE^/hit u to da ground i ~EXCAVATE~bury u with death in da ~COFFIN~with ~HAND~CUFFINGZ~as i ^RETALIATE^/here i come frm ~LUNG~BITCH~CALI~PHONE~YA~(long beach,california),mceez call me da ~VOCAL~LORD~OF~LING~WHIZ~STICKZ~(linguisticz),with a ~CHAIN~SAW~ i shapen ur weak ~VERTEBRA~into ~CHEW~WIN~STICKZ~(chewing stickz)bury ur carcaz dedp in da mud as it ~SINKZ~2 da ground as u fucking ^STINKZ^/i release my ~RAP SHOTZ~like ~ELECTRIC~SHOCKZ~dry ur blood,turn ur flesh into ^SOREZ^/i am da ~TIGER~wit da ~FURY~OF ~ANGER~i rumble u wit my clawz,ur ~STAMINA~STAGGERZ~stripe ur abdomen wit ~DAGGERZ~as u bleed ,clip ya wet bonez on my ^HANGERZ^/i throw u into da basin at boiling point till u form ~DEWZ~nail u on da krozz,like da fucqin ~JEWZ~as u bleed like da ~OCEAN~in ~MOTION~,FLOW~TIN~(floating) my ~CRUISE~,like an ~ANACONDA~squeeze out ya blood frm ya veinz like ^ORANGE~JUICE^/i ~RAGE~with my gunz ~GUAGE~put into u ~HOLEZ~increase ~death~TOLLZ~pu and ur lineage in ~BANDAGE~slit their genitalz like ^GARBAGE^/i am da ~DEMON~REVOLUTIONARY~spill ya blood,convey ur soul to da ~MORE~CHEW~WORRY~(mortuary),lay portraitz of ya ~OBITUARY~throw u in ~HELL'Z ^SANCTUARY^/i'm Lyrically a ~TERROR~in ~RAP TENOR
(19:51) Wed, 20 Apr 11