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1. timelimit shall be 24 hourz.

2. 3 verses each by mcees (1 verse = 1 post having a total of 6 post after each match)

3. No interferance until after match.

4. No biting. winner getz 200 pluses and qualifies for the next round.

Goodluck to you raplords
(22:18) Fri, 8 Apr 11
I see sum judges talk abt storyline in rap,fuck it didnt u judges read da skoolin ya.dis judgin is bullshxt!
Well jamol has gotten it,then so be it.....ama see ya in another constest...am outta dis shxt...
(10:56) Tue, 12 Apr 11
thanks judges, we have 5 judges and 3 has already vote for jamulous. Thus he has won this match already. Congratz to you Jamolous2003.
(00:19) Mon, 11 Apr 11
Gosh, a difficult one! Both were notably good, but for depth and storyline; Jamolus
(23:20) Sun, 10 Apr 11
My eyez got scars reading those barz! Long shxt from both the ends! Askari was good but jamolus had betta flow.
Hence I vote [user]Jamolus2003[/user]
(14:15) Sun, 10 Apr 11
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!. U guys were gr8. U both had gud wordsplay, gud ryhm bt hey askari, u'd agree wit me dat jamolus had a meaningful story in his lyrics even xcludin d last verse.. So i give my vote up 4 jamolus.
(14:00) Sun, 10 Apr 11
Oops! man, Different time zones. I 4got dat bt its no probs.
(10:00) Sun, 10 Apr 11
Time up jamol 3rd is out of it,tak note judges.thanks
(05:52) Sun, 10 Apr 11
thanks to you guys for you hard work. our judges wil cast their votes soon.
(23:13) Sat, 9 Apr 11
wot a ^PITY^ all those ^SILLY^ rhymes hav no meanings, anyway time 4 ya funeral.
(funeral rite)
after throwin u down d 20th ^FLOOR^/ u lived no ^MORE^/, u died bro, nd i hv only come 2 drop dis last verse as last respect @ ya funeral. 2 giv d crowd, d ~MCEES~ n ya ~FAMILY~/ d ~AUTOBIOGRAPHY~ of da^ARROW^ANT^ ^MILIT^ANT^ ~ASKARI~/
Askari was a ^FOOL^ he lived life in common wit a ^MULL^. As a child he neva went 2 ^SKOOL^ so he grew up 2 join da ~MILIT~ANTS~. Thruout his life, he thought he was a ^FEARL3SS^HERO^/ bt i'd rather say he was a ^BRAINL3SS^ZERO^. Look @ his corpse, nw ^USEL3SS^, let d crowd bear me ^WITHN3SS^ cos all i committed was ^INVOLUNTARY^MAN^SLAUGHT3R^ nd not ^VOLUNTARY^MAN^MURD3R^ (according to verse 2, i was drunk). Lets pray he enjoys his ~RIDE~ 2 hell in dis ^BEAUTIFULLY^ ~CARVED~ coffin dat ws ^SPECIALLY^ prepared by me. Rest in ^PISS^/ while i ^DISS^ IN ^PEACE^/
(other facts)
askari sufferd a lot, mainly of ^jamolUS^virUS^ which made him begin 2 ^rUSt^ even while alive, i remember when he was lockd in a ^BOTTLE^ of ~CALIDON~/ nd forgotten in d ^BOTTOM^ of d ~OCEAN~/ like a hidden ^TREASURE^, in ma kind ^GESTURE^, i fished him nd let him out but guess wot? HE TOOK D SHAPE OF D CALIDON BOTTLE (LoL). i hope his child wnt take after his ~STUPIDITY~ nd ~INSANITY~ nd i beg y'all, dnt let dis child roam in2 2WAp RAp ~FORUM~ else wot ~HAPPND~ 2 ^SILLY^/ father wld repeat itself to ^FREAKY^/ son. I heard he couldnt even aim his gun 2 shoot, so he got ^FRUSTRAT3D^ nd used miss askari as a ^TARG3T^ practice and for once in his ~FLUFFY~ life, he aimed ^RIGHT^ and O GOD! it was a ~SORRY~ ^SIGHT^ after d gun shot. What brought him 2 2wap, i dnt ^KNOW^, he shld hv kept quiet bt he preferred 2 ^BLOW^ his loud mouth like a ~TRUMP3T~/ nd take a pose like a ~PUPP3T~/ wit a gun in his hand nd a G-string tied around his head. 2^WAP^ has lost one bag of ^CRAP^ (askari) nd rap ^BATTL3^ has just gotten rid of 1 bug-infested ^CATTL3^ (askari). On his grave is written:
we dnt knw wot 2 say 2 God 4 d life askari. A life not spent, for b4 he came alive, jamolus snatched life out of him. Anyway, rest in ^pISS^ nd in ya next life, look b4 u ^dISS^. Askari: Born april 9th, 12am, died 11:59pm.
Killer: [jamovirus] . Time up dude. ha ha
(23:01) Sat, 9 Apr 11
1..2..3..4 am happy spillIN^ u to ^DEATH/ma ^RHYMES^ so scarey implimentIN^ yr life ^THREAT/seeIN^ me in yr ^EYES^ rite before last ^BREATH/fuck u dawg yr lifeless body is ma ^PROOF/ma killin rhymes super sees no ^BULLET-PROOF/rippIN^ yr spine apart tearIN^ up yr ^ROOF/ama b eatIN^ yr ass up like da ^VULTURE/am known to be dat crippIN^CREATURE/movIN^ in da body of da murderfuckIN^JAMOLUS/wit wounds while u lickIN^ yr damn ^PUSS/leavIN^ u to die in da hands of a ^NURSE/cos u ar just a fuckIN^RAG^ wit ^NO^ATTACK(Ragnorak)/lickIN^ yr ^TAG^TO^ die wit just a light ^SPARK/arrrggghh! lots of smokIN^ cos ma bullets trailIN^ yr ^TRACKs/cryIN^ baby jamol tickIN^ ma ^SKULL/ha ha ha... am laughIN^ cuttIN^ yr body ^ALL/ama be playIN^ yr fuckIN^ head off like a ^BALL/cos am da nigga walkIN^ da lords battle on air witout a ^FALL/....hey waiter can i hav more ^BOTTLEs^ of jamolus blood...^SIGH/u ar so ^LAZYn^CRAZY^ to yr ^MISFORTUNE^ cos am nt gettIN^HIGH/^SHXT!^ yr ^WORLD^ is fallIN^ as am pourIN^ yr ^BLOOD^ in ma ^CUP/cos i ^SPIT^ ma ^WORDs^ straight to yr hearIN^unveilIN^ yr ^FLOOD^fuck^UPs/dere's no need to ^YELL^ cos ama ^SPILL^ u and wonder wher u gon go after i ^KILL^ u in ^HELL^ da fucker says ^NOTHIN/wen u gat a story to ^TELL^ cos u ^FELL^ tryIN^ sayIN^SUMTHIN/but i never heard da ^NAME^JAMOLUS/as i ride yr ^LAME^ ass round da world ma fuckIN^HORSE/u FUCKIN^LYIN^PUNK/^SUCKIN^DYIN^CHUNK/ama b fuckIN^cuttIN^ off yr ^HEAD/while u lyIN^ on yr sick ^BED/da doctor anouncIN^ u ^DEAD/am took six ^FEETs^DOWN/so FIT^ to kill am ready ^NOW/to ^SNOOZE^YA^CRACK/and made u ^LOOSE^TRACK(Murderfuckin Shaev say "U SNOOZE ,YA LOOSE"smiley/stabbIN^ ma knife to yr chest piercIN^ in so ^SLOW/ no where to run cos yr world is bout to ^BLOW/leavIN^ u wit a cardiac^ARREST/u ar jst fuckIN^PEST/
a ^BOMB^ timer ^READS^ in ma ^HEAD^ blowIN^ u murderfucker wit ma hot ^RED^ rhyme ^ EXPLOSIVE/^fillIN^ yr ^TOMB^NEEDS^ a ^BED^ xhallIN^ lots of ^DEAD^ gases ^CHORROSIVE/dis nigga wana ^SUCK^ ma ^DICK/wat da ^FUCK^ bitchass change yr ^NICK/dere's ^BLOOD^ everywhere as i heard Ressy's mum is ^DEAD/fuck da ^WORLD^ from jamols skull i ^FEED/neva want u to breath at ^ALL/yr fresh i eat was ^RAW/and had 'em ^DEGISTED/makIN^ u join da deathroll i had u fuckIN^LIST3D/cos d ~MORE~ ^VERSES^ i ^DROP/d ~MORE~ eye ^GLASSES^ u ^SHOP/ama cut straight fuckIN^ yr ^LIMB/shoot ma dick shot to yr face stuckIN^ yr eyes ^DIM/

fuckIN^FUCK^ da ^SOUL^SURVIVAL/...suckIN^SUCK^ ma dick ^HOLE^ ^REVOLVER/...shxt! da ^MIC^TWISTED^n^MALFUNCTIONIN/i need da DICK^of da murderfuckIN^LIST3D^to do more of ma rap ^SPITTIN/ FUCK DAWG!

Da Arrogant Militant.
(21:44) Sat, 9 Apr 11
....ha ha ha ..okkk.i wana ^DROP^ ma ^SHXT^BARS^ on da fuckIN^SPEAKERS^ and ^BURST^ da ^MIC^...ok lets ^PRAY^ da ^LORDs^PRAYER/as i ^POP^ ma dickhead ^FIRST^VERSE^ into dis pussy suckIN^LICKER^ mayb ^CRUST^(cursed) or ^PSYK^PLAY^IN^ wit da ^BLOOD^SLAYER/ama ^DIG^ yr ass ^WHIPPIN^RIPPIN/out yr intestine in countIN^ ^FIGs^(figures) of ma ^MORNIN^SKIPPIN/^EXERCISE^ sendIN^ u to a ^MEDICAL^DIAGNOSIS^LABOURATORY/make u ^REALISE^ ma ^LYRICAL^ANALYSIS^DETONATORY/yr ^SKILL^ ar ^LAME^ so i had to give u a fast ^ATTACK/ama ^KILL^ u to a call of yr ^NAME^ ma gunshot hits in da ^BACK/^FUCK^ u ^IDIOT^PUNK/u eatIN^SUCK^IN^MAGGOTs^ from da ^JUNK/ama cut yr ^CELEBRUM^ and ^FEED^ em to da spirits ^HOVERIN^n^SCREAMIN/deafIN^ yr ear^DRUM^SEEDs^ u ^CRYIN^n^DYIN/so ^WEAK^ da yr rhymes sounds like french ^QUE JAMOSA(Jamolus)/yr fuckin pussy ^NICK^ as simba's mum was fucked by ^MUFASAR/called me da king spittIN^ like a ^RAP^PROPHET/stuckIN^ u ^CRAP^ ass in a bottle of ^MOET(boet)/tells hw much u ^SUCK^ ma murderfuckIN^DICK/smells of ^FUCK^ jamol u fuckIN^STINK/ama whip ma ^CANE^(dick) to yr ^FACE^LEAVIN^ a scar in da ~BIBLE~ God called a ^VAGARBON^n^fUg1t1v3/wat a ^PAIN^ in da ^ASS^LOADIN^ loadin yr mum's ~NIPPLE~ wit acids ^HYDROCARBON^INCLUSIVE/ma bars so ^SHARP^STAB^ u in yr heart causIN^ u a ^SLOW^PITUITARY^n^POLYNEURITIS/cut and ^SHOW^2WAP^ yr reina^ARTERY^leavIN^ u a deadly disease ^POLIOMRYLITIS/of ^BRAIN^MEMORY^LOSS^CEREBRAL^PALSY/wat a ^PAIN^ful^STORY^of^JAMOLUS^FACIAL^PARALYSIS/ama destory yr ^NERVOUS^ system causIN^ yr life a ^METABOLICAL^DISTURBANCE/makIN^a ^SERIOUS^ impact in ^RAWnDIABOLICAL's^health^INBALANCE/^TIME^ to fuck u ^ANXIOUS^ wasted fool spittIN^ a ^CATABOLICAL^ULTERANCE/of yr ass ^RHYMEs^ cos am bring u ^DOWN^ to level ^ZERO/nigga no need to ^FROWN^ cos ^2WAP^ has got Askari da ^RAP^HERO/......

wat da ^!FUCK!^...da mic has exploded...oh shxt! am ^SICK/...diss ^SUCK^s Jamol where's yr ^DICK/

Da Arrogant Militant.
(21:29) Sat, 9 Apr 11
(high scale rhymin).
Hw do i ^COMMUNICAT3^ do i ^DEMONSTRAT3^ or ^ORCHESTRAT3^? no, im gonna ^EXPANSIAT3^ 2 u, hw i'll ^EL^IMINAT3^ u, make ya journey 2 ^HELL^IMIN3NT^ then i'll ^ASSIMILAT3^ u in2 ma ~bloodstR3AM~/ like u got no bones at all, make u LICK ma DICK like ~icecR3AM~/, ^MASSACR3^/ ya entire body structure, leavin ya carc^ASS^ ^MASS^SCATT3RED^/. Im a ~LAY~ down ya ^BON3S^/, nd ~PLAY~ em like ^XYLOPHON3^/, remove ya ~EYEBALLZ~/ nd replace em wit ya ~SCROTUM BALLZ~/, u ~SLIM3 BALL~/, i'll make u eat ma ~TIM3 BOMB~/. I gt no time for m3diocres like ^U^, u r infested wit swine^FLU^, who's d next on d ^qUeUe^, cos im ^thrU^ battlin ^U^. I ~CH3Wd~ d gosple book of ~MATTH3W~, me n ma ~CR3W~, nw u r about 2 b ~SCR3Wd~. God used 2 make me see Revelations bt nw he's revealin ya death 2 me thru ^G3N3SIS^ ha ha i caught up wit u like ^N3M3SIS^ nw am overtakin u wif ma toyota ^YARIS^. Ma rhymes bore holes in2 u, makin u confuse which hole 2 ^shiT^or ^breaTh^wiTh^. Ma head is ful like a ~LEXICORN~, i'm jamolus fine like a ~UNICORN~ i'll murd u wif ma ^CONCISE RHYMIN^ put ya mama in2 ^MOURNIN^ ur ^DEMISE^ till ^MORNIN^. ya come shoot all ya ~BULL3TS~ at me, waste em, come on... ha ha, ^BULL3TS DNT PIERCE THRU BULL3T^, u knw wot dat means nw let me slit open ya ^GULL3T^ wif ma ^RAP^ROCK3T^, electrocute u wif ma ^WAP^SOCK3T^ n bury u in ma ^WALL3T^. I knw u luv ~M3~TA~PHORS~ nw im a let ma rap ~M3TAL~FALL on ya ^CRANIUM^/ smiley like hot ^URANIUM^/, makin ya ~H3AD~ go black like ~L3AD~. U fink u got ^DISSIN SKILLS^, let me show u ^FINISHIN KILLS^, i'll melt u up like a molten ^MAGMA^/, ^SCATTAR^ ya skull wit ma bare palms like a ^PANDA^, crush ya bones like ^ANACONDA^ n finally run ^OVER^ u after i put u ^UNDER^ ma ^HONDA ACURA^/. After dis verse, u'll be goin 4 a ~MEDICAL~ cos ma raps wil split ya heart in2 pieces, u'll b seekin for ~SURGICAL~, all ya rhymes r jst BLAH BLAH BLAH, i jst cnt help laugin HA HA HA, 1 thing is ^SUR3^ n its dat u rhyme like a ^WHOR3^/ nd im a fuck u ^HARDCOR3^/ until i got no ^MOR3^ cum left in ma ballz. Warnin, ma rhyme is highly intoxicatin, ya sista ^SNIFFED^ it, she got so high, killed ya village ^CHIEF^ n finally threw herself down d ^CLIFF^. Ma rhyme is ~CORROSIV3~ its a weapon of ~MASSIV3~DESTRUCTION~/, im a ^LOCK^ down ma rhyme ^GLOCK^ on ya ^COCK^ n giv u an ~EXPLOSIV3~MASTURBATION~. D clock is tickin, d time bomb counts, look ~UPTOWN~ go ~DOWNTOWN~ check in every ~TOWN~, wot u'll see is d ~COUNTDOWN~ 2 ya ^D3STRUCTION^/ nd ^ 3LIMINIATION^ of ya ^G3N3RATION^/. Ma rhymes set u ^ABLAZ3^ dnt b ^DAZ3D^, oh boy, even im ^AMAZ3D^, sure all mcees wil find it ~AMAZIN~when like a ~MASON~ i ~RAZ3~ u 2 ashes. Ya ~WAP GLORY~/ is under ma ^F33T^, ma ~RAP STORY~ knows no ^D3F3AT^ nd in dis ^F3AT^ i'll wipe u off ~HISTORY~/. I dnt hav 2 say ^MUCH^ cos ma rhymes made u use ^CRUCTH^ bt now u'll b dead by d ^TOUCH^ of ma ^CLUCH^. Ya man, I rhyme wit ~GLAMOUR~/, kill wit ~SPLENDOR~, drink 2 ~STUPOR~ nd threw u down d 20th ~FLOOR~/.
Anyway, its still a honour 4 u bn ^MURD^ by rap ^LORD^ [jamovirus] I drop d mic here
(20:20) Sat, 9 Apr 11
(low scale rhymin) Alryt, time 2 ~shOW~ im nt gonna take it ~slOW~ cos im ready 2 let ya ^BLOOD^/ ~flOW~ like ^FLOOD^/ into dis ^rAP RooM^ calld ^rAP foRUM^. U say u ~ARROGANT MILITANT~ bt i tel ya, im worse than a ~PSYCHOPHANT~, ill3r than a ~MISCR3ANT~, no need 2 ^GAMBL3^ or place ya ~B3T~/ cos ma rhymes wil ^TRAMPL3^ u 2 ~D3ATH~/. Im a pump ma venom in2 ya system thru dat nozzle called ur ^ANUS^ giv ya ballz a ^MINUS^, I'll av u slain in dis rap ^LUDUS^ cos in here, im d ^G3NIUS^. I'l squeez ya dick nd scrub ya face wit ya cum, ^ROAST u in2 TOAST^/ even afta death, ya ^GHOST^ wil keep smellin like a roastd ^GOAT^/. Ha ha, u fink u gt ~RHYM3Z~, u r jst a dried ~THYM3~, u r only gonna end up in ma ^POT^ of ^RICE^ jst lik cheese endz up in d ^BUTT^of a ^MIC3^. Im a fuck ya sista ~SO~ HARD/, man, ma cum shot wil make her ~GO~ MAD/ when im thru i'll bury u in her 6 feet pussy. Im a rap ^INCARNAT3^, rhymin is ma ^SOUL MAT3^, I'll ^DISINTEGRAT3^ ya body ~immunITY~/ nd ^IMPREGNAT3^ u without ~fertilITY~/. I made ya sista ^DRUNK^ WIT^MA^CUM^ wen she gt home, she blew off ya ^COCK^WIT^A^GUN^, u r jst a ^JUNKY^ ^MILIT-MONKEY^(militant), i'll play ^HOCKEY^ usin ya ~SPINALCORD~ n store ya ~BLOOD~ in ma bottle of ^HEN3SSY^. I'll show no ^MERCY^ cos im blood ^THIRSTY^, hope u r ^R3ADY^ cos i've tarrd ya road 2 ~H3LL~ dnt 4get 2 say me ~W3LL~ 2 d ^D3VIL^/ when u gt in2 ya 6ft ^L3VEL^/. Im a siphon ya hormonez in2 ma bottle of ~BRANDY~ sip it like ~BARCADI~ while u lick ma rod like ~CANDY~ then im a chain u up in ma bottle of ^CALIDON^/ nd throw u in2 d deepest part of d ^OCEAN^/. U'll b so ^D3MORALIS3D^ when u ^R3ALIS3^ dat im d ^D3MONIC^RASCAL^/ behind ya ^PATH3TIC^LIF3STYL3^/. ASkari smells like ASS, ~ASS-LICKER~ , like a heavy duty ~CATEPILLAR~, Im a ~SCATTAR~ ya back ~PILLAR~/(spine) nd serve it 2 ma ~DAUGHTA~ as her ~DINNAR~/. U r d ~LOS3R~ here mr Scary ass. Im ^sorRY askaRY^ 2wap is nt 4 a ^zombY^ like u, jst go bak 2 ya ^FAMILY^, organise a ^JAMBOR33^ nd do a bullet ^SPR33^ on ya family. Im jamoLUS, i'll run u in2 lOSes/, dnt xpect plUSes cos im gettin applaUSes/. Ma ~RhyMe~ is like a sledge ^HAMMAR^ ~RAMM~ed in2 ya head, sendin u in2 ^COMA^, u wnt ^RECOVAR^ cos its d ^KARMA^ u'll ^SUFF3R^FOREV3R^ 4 battlin a rap ^MONST3R^. Dis is jst a ~LOW~ scale rhyme, givin u a straigh ~ROW~ killin, spillin ya bloOD/ 4 fun, 2 amaze d rap lOrD/z. I jamolus wil make ya life a ^GORY^MIS3RY^/, hw i'll do it, ^ONLY^A^MYST3RY^, even if u go pray ya ^HOLY^ROSARY^, mother ^MARY^ wil say 2 u ^SORRY ASKARI^/ jamolus is ma ^BUDDY^, to hell ^QUICKLY^. (low scale finisIN, high scale comIN, rhyme testIN) o.k nd out
(12:47) Sat, 9 Apr 11