ava KingFISHER: Black mole
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: Old user reunion smiley
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: smiley
Ordered by da Boss!
Rulez: 24hrz. No interferance!
Verses: 2each.
Judges: HNIC7, BLACK_List3d,OUCH and RICKOSI

let da brawl begin as shaev7 tries to slain 2mcees!
(13:04) Wed, 22 Dec 10
Final Judgement!
Shaev7 wins!
(14:35) Thu, 23 Dec 10
FlAm3z>>, u gat tha LigHT, BT h0w d0 u l3t it buRn
ImMpr3ssed wift ya Stuftz u gat tha attAKz pr0ply bt gaT m3 depr3ssed wit Wat3r~quench3d~flamez.
U g0od m3hn!

smiley s0m1 calL 911 !!!
Sh3av...(smiling...) tak3 it easeD br0f watz ya Stress3d u gat thz Rap-dude Murd3red-lft 2 right!

U gat tha Brawl br0f smiley
(14:16) Thu, 23 Dec 10
What a wicked battle Sheav7 you are dangerousLy ill in yr rap.good work man
(11:53) Thu, 23 Dec 10
mic murdering!okay okay cool down everybody ayt..lemme judge,

I'll start wit shaev
Punchez u got it
Multies arghh ,u've killed dat it
Nameplay,yeah the wear em' shade coz ur ma speck ' sumthng like dat..damn i luv dat one
Wordplay..didnt see
Similez&meta4z ..yeah
N da most important delivery...n bra u delivered right infront of his face dude..nice..

Okay naw spektra..
Punchez yeah ur throwing em'..
Multiez..nah nah..u aint gat it
Similez&meta4a...yeah kewl
Nameplay..saw one in ya second verse
Wordplay..none ,didnt see it
Delivery...hmm,all i can say u delivered it poorly..both verses..u gotta fix ur deliveries ayt..n anotha,u got sliced by ur own verse rite when shaev highlighted a part of ya verse..tryna b carefull with whatca spittin okay..kewl

So merry xmas everybody..lol

Shaev alphabetically put ya in coffin spek...smileytake diz one!
(11:28) Thu, 23 Dec 10
Straight judgement.
Shaev got it all. Am realy impresed wt d 1st vas. Da multies n d delivery. Wordplay n nameplay.
Spektra,failed 2deliver. Its lyk yu struglin wt words. No multies,nameplay,weakpunches n meta4s.

4me,Shaev7 got it!
(08:14) Thu, 23 Dec 10
Judgement please!
(02:41) Thu, 23 Dec 10
My "BlunDerZ" were mistaken,cos u gonna "WondeR",when ur head goes off,slicing u with my fast rolling "RuDDerZ"U Talk like u know "ALL" but u a "F%*king~GuLL~DuLL~Like "RUM"Feel the heat from my "GuN"turn you a"RoasTeD meAT"Like u a "cApTurEd~BeaSt"Devour you in my "bLOody~MisT" "ShAeVy/ u're nOt/ HEaVy"like i weigh moRe than the "aRmOUrY of a NAvY"SO beware of ME" The "CaNiNE~ CHAiNsAw"i slice you into piEcES"forcFuLLY" UR skin decdys "RuStFuLLY" I TALk "bOAstFuLLy" till u eLapSe "LuStFuLLY"ShAeV u're the master within them,but a LOusy rapper within meN" IN my "Lion's DEn"i devour u with my cAniNE"/ LIke my rhxmes burns the "wave~Linez"you are the "Boss but i get u "Toss" LIke a "COIn"to a "grOSs" 144times,Get u crucified on the kross,reVerSly" so Jesus knows u 're cursed,NOw "sHaEv, u got me "cRoSsEd"i pump naiLS into ur "earDRumZ",It "BeatZ"and "BLeEds" painz and it drainz down the "sEwage"continious flow and i bang with "GuNsHoTZ"Blood sPLaTtER,Sends "sHoCks" to ur neRvEs and ur "CeReBraL~sPiNaL"SmaSh ur head with "sLeDGe" oN ur "SkuLL"Like "MiGhtY~THoR" Striking thunder so u get drIeD TO FraIl boNEz"Give me a chaNce and i'm breaking the "TeN~cOmMAND MENTz" on shaevY'S HEAD,sO you get demoLIshed like an idoL~iMAge,during mOsEs~LiNEAgE,Send ur coPz back to ur "ViLLaGE"so ur remains gets flushed away thru the "sEwaGE"thIs day is LIke an 'Anniversary"cos i trample and strangle on this "SiCk ~PeT/in a VEt/killing u is my "FuLLfillmeNt"my flowz are "AcIdIc"eatz up ur lungz gradually,Leaving u a "CaRcAz~VaCum" with punchez like "TySoN'S~ HItZ" DisPLaCe u with "techNiCaL~cOmBOz" u faLL dEep into "PoT~hoLeZ"u smell like "DeCaYeD ~sKuNk" thats why ur rhymes souNDz "like a "shiVeRiNG~TrUcK" I PUt ur head in a miXer~gRiND inTO "PArTIcLes"SpilL UR bLoOD use it to write my "ArTIcLeZ" you hop like a "VuLture" get "NoTUrEd"By my "ToRtURe" u "premaTure" nOw u LOoSe "fUnCtioN" THEy say u're the "BoSs"I oNlY KNoW Of "RiCk~RoSs"U're cheap 'Shaev' rUnNiNG at a "LoSe"u FuCkiNG "cOrPsE" BITChY NIgga
(00:01) Thu, 23 Dec 10
Niga b ready 4a bigblo flashbck!
Lets c who dies nw,u alrdy 'LOST' Dis sh.t cuz u rymez ar weak,poor n trash lyk DUST/damn dis hoe,u fuckin 'SUCKS'n down lyk u rem eminem did 2 FREDDUST/fuckit i may nt SHIT U ASS/u way in here is WAY TOO WACKS/juz watch where u murda yaself,below
Quote: Spektralflamez: Slaughter u like a "PrEmaTurE" U are fucking "ILL~iMmAtUReD"

i cn b ^PREMATURE^but u 7timez PREMATURE,am a way ~ILL~lyk u said,bt wt ^MATURITY^/u neva gona my ~KILL~put u ina total ^DISABILITY^/u juz so dead n ~NILL~am born wt gr8 ^CREDIBILITY^/ina box,i kept u ther,wita ^LIT MATCH^smoked ya ass ashes ~ROLL UP THA WEED~/eat up ya flesh,wt ds ^FIX MATCH^demonicaly rolin bats at u bck ^CHOKE UP UR BREATH^/nw lemme show u howta ^MURDA ASS^/tak off ya pantis,pul da shxt out 2da ^SLAUGHTER HOUSE^/slit it out,u sperm guzh out lyk ^WATER BANKS^/u juz outa PUNCHES/datz y u rapz lyka MUNCHEZ/gimme da toilet i finsh it n Hav em FLUSHES/damn dey stank lyk ya hair BRUSHES/gues who's cumin 2 ^DINNER^neva mind nt ^CAROLINA^its u am eatin up 2obtain da 2nd plus 4da day cuz am alrdy a ^WINNER^wen am don witchu,in ds lyf n nxt lyf u 4eva remain a ^QUITTER^anywhr u c smiley u heads go down da GROUND/wt ds 2nd ROUND/u alrdy 6fit belo da GROUND/totaly deaf u wt my rap SOUND/n smoked u lyka weed of 8500 POUND/

am known 4ds game/hey bro shutda mouth up u gay/u got no flames/u juz the same/wastin u rap page/juz dullin da train/wt letaz up n down lyk untrained/kid learnin 2write his/her name/u chose 2batl me,nw u kickd of da stage/i wonda wat u say in d nxt vas mayb 2wap gona add xtra page/cuz u 'l end up typn 'sIcAtUrE' usin it 2rip of ur face/man in naija ima say u dey craze/batlin me is increasin da r8 of ya disgrace/no mata how yu takle me,my shoe i'l stil gv u 2 lace/standadize ur game/u neva b who i b,its beta u stay away/n let ur name remain/else u'l die,cuz its too l8 25to life u caught in a chase/

(20:22) Wed, 22 Dec 10
smthng burnz here...
(18:27) Wed, 22 Dec 10
Welcome as you come,Not in "peace"/slaughter you like a "BeAsT" cut you in "bitZ And piEceS" Get dEcEaSeD~Like a dEcAxEd "FAEceS"My caTHAgE PRopEls get LoOsEd and "ReLeaSes"bUlLEtz gOEs thrU Ur "GuLlET"like a sYrinGE Goes thRu ~NaRrOW~Into da BOne ~MaRROW~Lay u dead ~FaLLoW~LifeLesS in the "WhEeEL~bArRoW"fix mx cLaWz inTo ur cHEst,ur heart beaT StoPZ like a mEtEr~aND i LAy you To "ReSt"cHop ur HEad off,with a "SiCkLe"caLL Me "PsYchO~cAnNiBaL"get u "saCRiFIcEd"Like aBeL,MurDer YOu LiKE ~cAiN~WhEN I BUst i "ReCkOn" like "RaEkWoN" With my gUn FIre,i turn you a "RoaStEd~BaCoN"I DarE You to cross thaT LINe like "AkOn"You GeT CauGht up in the "CRoSs~FiRe" light you up in my "BoN~fIre"locK YOu uP in the "FurnaCe~of~HeLL"Like i am the "HeLL~rAIsEr"moving like a "sPeEd~RacER"disect you with "sWiFT~LAzER"blasT UR heaD Off,with my "FIsT ~cOmBo" Like "JOe~FaiZiEr" i "CaPTure" and i "RaPtUrE" UR souL Into iCeD "GLaCiErZ" 4 Ya "DePaTuRe"Slaughter u like a "PrEmaTurE" U are fucking "ILL~iMmAtUReD"This "BaTtLe" is no "RaLLY" cos it's like a "rATTLE"Ur bloOD SpiLLz, right here in thiz "VaLLeY" GEt choked by "CoLd~FrosT" Lay ur remainz,to "DusT"I Throw "PUnCHeZ" TO ur "BrAiN" GET "DeranGeD" by "PaKiNsOn" infectEd like "ALi"nOW U Are "CaStiGaTeD" I GEt ur bones "MaStiGatEd" to powder and finaLLy, you "ErAdIcAtEd" u iNsIpiD/Turn u "LiQUiD" MAkes u sour and "LIpiDZ"I "PsyChO~dRiVen~MaNiAk"tosS UR BOneZ Up like "coInz" lay u flat like a "coiL"DEep u in heating~OiL,SEe u melt ur flesh into "SoLUbLEz" dry up ur "BlOoD~moLecuLEz"I AM "MysTIkaLLy~MoRtaL" I Turn ur ~ pOrTrAiT~INto a "PoRtaL"I Slay ur "GuTZ"Like fuckEd "NuTz" ~"SLuTz" puLL ouT UR "verTEbRa"turning u an "InVerTEbRa" "SHaVe~oFF" UR MEmoRy make u loose "VaIN~gLoRy" paSs Out u are lost with no SToRy" flamez blowz u "Hot"Feel ur rhymez "BurnT" UR LIfE LOST,Flamez gets it dONE.
(18:08) Wed, 22 Dec 10
Its simple as ABC/lemme gt ds cocksucker tabbed lyk my HTC/sshh...u gona suffer mordan 55CENTS/cuz am mur relaxd n am ready 2tak ur tooth away wt 35DENTS/
yeah am ^SORRY DUCK^u die quick wt ds ONE VERZE/u juz a mer dust lyka chalk pissin non ^COCKY DAWG^ima deliver ~LYRICALY~wt gr8 WONDERZ/murfuk ds lil ^FRY^who got da grealz 2pik on ME/imma juz hit wt da ^PLY^wood n u gt ursef DEFEAT/they cal me devil boy,bt i dnt ^LYK THAT^/am juz lyk da nigga RAW,Cuz am ^TIGHT CART^/u cn chekshxt,u cnt juz ^FIGHT BACK^/i hit u wt multies til i gt ur ^MOUTH SHOT^/no 1 cn test me,bt u chek me.. Ds ain juz me datz TECH9/u fink am bitin,murfuk go CHEKTHAT/nigga am juz ^REPPIN^ i got my REP STAT/u soul is quiverin in ^DEPRESION^i juz goin 2gt ur HEAD SHOT/my flows com in ^beams^lyk da ^SPECKTRA LINES^/drillin tru ur chest ^bitch^ ^MECHANICAL RHYMES^/am da dawg ril ^shi^t ^SATANICAL LINEZ^/i wear u on lyka ~SHADE~cuz u my ^SPECK^/u gota leav ds ~PLACE~cuz am here 4 ^DEATH^/my bitch got me on ~CHAINS~wt her "BRA"off whil she suck my ^DECK^(dick)/i c no 'flamez'in u,cuz u got no mic ^CHECK^/u juz too much lng 'namez' murfuk u wastin ALpha ^BET^/luk @me chump am crested OMega ^DEATH^/i juz don wona ^FLOW^else^WIL TAK U OUTA HERE^/al i'l do is ^SMOKE^yel^SNIFT SHAKE U OUTA HERE^/no suicide murda,i hang u wt a THREAD/u blood wil spil al da strtz b painted RED/nigga chek ds punchez,its fuckn RARE/im juz 2gud 4u,boy u beta REP/
bck 2da ABC/bitch u dyin wt APE DISEAS/getah sh.t corect,i mean u RAPE YA NIECE/haha u beta
^Articulate^ds rhymes//so dey cn shake my spinez//dnt juz
^Beautificate^dis linez//els am juz gona gt d blinds of ya eyes//i go ahead 2
^Castrate^ dis hoe rhymes//u neva gona spit any sperms//even u try hard,am born prolific cuz imma infect urz wt killah germz//

go to sleep bitch,there is no way out!
(15:13) Wed, 22 Dec 10