ava KingFISHER: Black mole
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: Old user reunion smiley
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: smiley
time limit:til u quit
VERSES: 3verses. each verse represents a post

Coments alowed afta battle is ova.
So homie,lets prove ourselvs 2da NXT STEP!
(15:12) Fri, 10 Sep 10
Ok max judge alrd, HNIC out of it cuz its MODs operation.
Final judge goes 2 RAW. He wins d batl by al votes. Punches goes 2 RAW, personalz goes 2RAW n name dissin etc. N3IGHTOR wat a 9c fite. Pluses wil also b awarded 4d gud fite n gee thang sh!t.
(21:32) Wed, 29 Sep 10
Raw got da deal done.!
(21:24) Wed, 29 Sep 10
(22:00) Tue, 28 Sep 10
That seemz fair enough to me!
(19:15) Fri, 24 Sep 10
No biase mind.
Raw was al da way comin n maintain his PUNCHES,N3IGHTOR prov a real GEE n got sum gud flows as wel bt didn't made gud use of hs punches. Dis is gud,1of d best battle 4nw..
1st verse goes 2RAW
2nd verse stil RAW
3rd verse he totaly sealed it up. My votes goes 2RAW.
He's d winner.
Any 1 disputin dat b4 i award pluses?
Pls 2mur votes.
(20:31) Wed, 22 Sep 10
wel i wud lov 2 put ma input bt it wudnt count cuz i aint a mod... da rules do say judgez shud b mods
(05:30) Wed, 22 Sep 10
who yall think won dis b4 we proceed?
(13:50) Tue, 21 Sep 10
those arr ill rhymez man!!!!
(06:05) Wed, 15 Sep 10
(18:39) Mon, 13 Sep 10
if this was the WACKOLYMPICS, u wuld win HANDS DOWN/ im so cocky, i make HANS FROWN/ by the way im 16 not 19/ This is A NIGHTMARE ON 2WAP and i even kill in NIGHT DREAMS/ stick my dick in ur head so bitch, fuck wat U THINK/ haha im way ahead u trailin behind lyk my FOOTPRINTS/ So what if go to collage. U beta CHECK UR ACUSATIONS/ 'own me an apology'. LACK OF EDUCATION/ im cutin this bitch is pieces lyk an onion and u still dont MAKE ME CRY/ strip u of ur pupils so u can see with a NAKED EYE/ even with a silver bullet, ur rhymes are as weak as ur ERECTION/ STUNIN, I GOT THIS, ONE - SIX (16) age of PERFECTION/ saimese, ur a pussy - no LADIES/ HAHA the only thing that makes this 'BITCH' ill is RABIES/ yeah best believe im so fly im BEHIND THE STARS/ i guess my flow is a JAIL CELL coz u BEHIND MY BARS... next kill, Anybody betta?
(17:38) Mon, 13 Sep 10
Shit somebody call an ambulance cus this kid has just MURDERD THE MIC
he a crip wannabe and looks 12 so keep on tryin to ride your BIKE
and ill kill you for all your lies cut out your eyes and shove them in your mouth,
so you can clearly see all that ballshxt you seem to talk,
your lyrics are bad and your lies are worse hell kid your jus a curse,
i rape you in freestyle disses verse after verse,
this kids been born hes so ugly somebody call a nurse,
your family left you to try and achieve but wiv them lyrics you might aswell just LEAVE,
this website used to be good and respectable but you had to SPOIL IT
your shxt is so bad honestly it belongs in the TOILET
honestly your possessed by the demon ,
so when your lieng about CAPPIN A POP
come and act hard when your BALLS DROP
and my flow is swifter than the black going free
my lyrics taking over the world like oceans can you see/sea
your shxt is so bad like when mexico was hit by pollution
your mumas callin for you new tutoion
with all your lies about drugs and extortian,
your fucking mother should of had an abortion
NIGHTWHORE please, u dont no style thats why u copy me/ bitch wats jelousy got do wit history/ oviously truth iz u envy me/ u a straight enimeay/ actually ill relate u iz a DYKE enimeay/ my shxts mo fresh, healthy just like vitamin c/ dont act like u dont know how u started this shxt/ didnt ya mama n paps tell u how ta respect/ u lil kid/ but instead u a bitch so u decided to diss/ bitch drink piss, go home slit ya rist/ nursery rhymez (HAHA)u must be pisst/ dont cry while ur ass get dissed/ ur lyrics popped up, n truthly no one got impressed/ but they know its sum weak cat stressed/ takin it out on me while u depressed bout ya life messed/ u giggle like a witch, ulgly 19 yr old bitch/ bet u a snitch, goin fo education in collage/ rap shxts fo realerz, not no fake wit no hip hop knowledge/ u own me an apology/ u best be sorry, n sorrow/ or ill snatch ur 19yr old ass of the street by 2night u be gone by 2moro... I WIN MAN
(15:18) Sat, 11 Sep 10
smiley if we had a live crowd, we would a have a couple of BOOz!/ you raps sound loose. Missing a couple of SCREWS?/ Im a pit bull unleashed. IM UNCUT/ ur rhyms dnt hav a pussy bt they still SOUND FUCKD/rhymes sound realy blonde and they realy CORNY/they sound lyk a prewritten childrens STORY/ back on the second HALF/ u cinderella, they must be the '7' DWARFS/ i leave that to ur own INTERPRETATION/ why u always kissin rapperz asses. Want a quick ELEVATION?/ I flow dirtier than public SENETION/ ''FLAW'D-N-DIE'BALDY'HEAD is toast'' the missing chapter in REVELATIONS/ u BETA~KNW~THESE~STATS/ i 'CHEDDER'~ALL~THESE~RATS/ im lyk a devils hound coz i dnt GET~ALONG~WITH~KATS/ best believe u aint CLOSE~TO~BEING/competive. I go wolverine coz to me u just a SCRATCH~N~WIN... Even undersized jeans put up more fight than u
(07:09) Sat, 11 Sep 10
Chemicaly spray dis thread wt poisons GAS/repeatin rhymes datz d only u emphasiz on bitch was dat sum FACTS?/i'll do it even 3timez u stil ain got any FACT/2lay down cuz u alrdy of d whole TRACK/i pushd u out juz wt d wrd 'MEANIN' n nw u shoutn lyk a ducklin searchin 4her mum QUACK/bingo,oopz u nt gon get a bone ds tym dnt w8 4a SNACK/who u whoopin u dat sound stupidly WACK/i dnt nid 2leav my tooth dirty 4 7days b4 i spit DIRTY FLOW/its alrdy in me am imbibe wt ds flows urz ar filthy PETTY FLOWS/i was beatin wit a RAP CANE/burnt by a touline RAP FLAME/at most al tide wt RAP CHAIN/wat do u constitute of,paralysd so u RAP LAME/how cn u cmpare me N^ U/u a kid kungfu boy while am GENFU/u say am nt DIABOLICAL/den wat ar u? PHOTOGENICAL/fine boy atractin BITCHES/datz y ur whol lines ar ful of PATCHES/dey nt 2geda n nids sum STITCHES/ur reply was so phuckin BRAVE/bravo! Bt u were 2fast cuz u ar alrdy 6'fit b.low ur GRAVE/u flows ar nt independent dey stil fuckin SLAVE/no respect man even if u say sh?t nw tel me who GAVE?
(21:57) Fri, 10 Sep 10
lyk a slave horse, you bout to get some ass WHOOPING/ leave ur mouth open lyk a caught you SNOOPING/ u aint power puffed, ur verse softer than Buttercup's VOICE/ imma show erbody u not just whack by CHOICE/ this nigga repeats 'MEANIN' twice in his verse, how hard can it be to atleast fynd a RHYME?/ i can ether this bitch any minute, ANYTIME/ diabolical? Haha you the type that afraid of SPIDERS/ u jumpin up n down lyk a dick RYDER/ u couldnt be high even from the 13th~FLO'/ dnt brush ur teeth for 7 day u still could spit DIRTY~FLOW/ 'fall down lyk saggin'? WHAT~DA~FUCK~IS~DAT?!/ lyk a pervet souja boy, u MOTHERFUCKING~WACK/ this is unfair to u, u a midget im a TROLL/ This hoe is humpty dumpty. Guess who knockd him of the WALL/ step up '3D' ur rap dimansion. Is there anything U~SAID/ this dude aint diabolical, even a puppy is more RUTHLESS... CATCH U NXT ROUND, IF U MAKE IT
(20:54) Fri, 10 Sep 10
Put d dick in ur mouth hoe SUCK IT HARD/its tym 2kil u b4 u FIGURE IT OUT/am nt a stranger bt a danger i DAWG UR STIFF HEART/my game ain as lenghten as shaev bt dey KILL/im eat u up wt rap n wont cal it a DEAL/am 2venomous 4dz hoe NIGHTWHORE/i cnt figure out y i pick on ds bitch mayb i shud trow him tru d BCKDOOR/imma cling 2ur heart cumin wt a rap DRILL/iller rhymes so sick n dnt nid a PILL/i make sur ur game die here hoe am mentaly ILL/ur rap stank n nids sum gud FUMES/probably dey nt gona get 1 u spit crack n blaze SHROOMS/stupid sh!t u say ain even got a MEANIN/i pck diff dicktionariez 4u stil u nt even getin d MEANIN/drop ur sh!t n juz put em up wt FRESTYLIN/ur wrds aren't rap,dey mere nursury RHYMIN/i ain 'OUCH' peharpz he's sayin da truth,bt dis n3ightor is BRAGGIN/read hs lines,dey so fake n fallin down lyk SAGGIN/i cn go on,bt ima juz drop here so u cn juz begn 2fil my BANGIN/hoe stopt it ur rhymes ain bitter as mine,dey juz as sweet as CANDY! Bitch grow up n tak me n b MANNY
(15:28) Fri, 10 Sep 10