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Terms and Conditions

Thanks for choosing 2WapWorld, we hope you'll be with us for a long time to come. In return for our services and to protect the enjoyment of yourself and others here, we ask that you observe the following simple rules.

1. Respect others
Harassment of members in any way will not be tolerated, and shall be met with a warning or ban depending on the nature and severity of the incident in question.

PMs which contain abuse or sexual harassment or spam will be met with a ban without question upon being brought to our attention. Members must not upload any indecent images/videos to their gallery, as these will be deleted and lead to the user being banned.

2. Post responsibly
Unacceptable types of post include those that exhibit racism, homophobia, religious hatred or other antisocial discrimination, are defamatory or otherwise likely to cause general offence, or that encourage or assist harmful criminal activity.

Topics and posts of an explicit adult nature are allowed only in our RedLightZone forum, and advertising other forum/chat sites is not permitted, nor is the spamming of referral links. Any topic/post that we consider breaks any above rule or is off-topic will be removed and may be sanctioned with a warning or in some cases a ban, as will any instances of flooding or other disruptive posting patterns. Staff decisions must be respected in all such matters.
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