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all users r requested to mention how they feels here at 2wap. if feeling bore than suggest ur intrests or ways that ll make u enjoy here....pls read my post AGONY too, here
(16:47) Tue, 15 Sep 15
Quote: @Don@: gallerys not working...dum.

Please inbox me details about your error... What shows ,? Try to change old to new version via home page .. Many time uploading problems related with specific browser ... Please try different browser
(12:33) Fri, 18 May 18
gallerys not working...dum.
(05:17) Tue, 15 May 18
smiley I'm not pinky
(02:18) Fri, 6 Apr 18
I love 2wap since 2015. Never had any probs with any staff ot users. The best are HandsomeDon and KingFisher and jaQui is one of the best.
Always friendly and a helping hand. Don and KF are loyal. My friends are the best here, I like chattin to them.
(20:36) Thu, 5 Apr 18
smileyits a nice play with lot of good people every one friendly n honest..it's one month I come everyday here..but..hre I mke lot of good frnd hresmiley.but I like to talk with one person here n want to know but the person always friendly .dont take it serious jaqui .smiley. You Soo good by heart.. Soo I am happy n interested be here . .pmpl..otherwise this site cool n fun lovingsmiley..if that person jaqui reading my post pls don't angry or kick me..hahaha..now exit
(10:49) Thu, 5 Apr 18
Feeling nice
(10:11) Thu, 5 Apr 18
Can anyone name a better site then this?l dont think so..staff are good,nice script, nice features like forums quiz etc.
I real love 2wapworld. And l like to be here often n often here, l just get piece to my mind.jaqui n handsomedon are too good n friendly with the users..critisizer you will find every where
(05:49) Thu, 5 Apr 18
really nice site ..i like background is black mix white and blue its really nice.also here all one good humans..once again thanks all friends here.bcz i like u all.smiley
(16:48) Wed, 4 Apr 18
2wapworld is the best and I love being here
(15:21) Wed, 4 Apr 18
2wapworld. Is my second home.l like to stay here more n more time. Main thing staff here is very good n helpful. No harrasment here..specialy jaQui n handsomedon are very good in helping hands..long live 2wapworld my home
(14:59) Wed, 4 Apr 18

Say no more!!! You are too perfect!!!
(10:05) Wed, 4 Apr 18
smiley smiley
(16:40) Sat, 10 Mar 18
@user#Zugzwang, Get active and start making decent topics instead smiley
(20:29) Wed, 7 Mar 18
Quote: jaQui:
Please use the given Email by Ragnorak for complaints
about Staff.. Thank you!
| topic#3394231
(10:37) Wed, 7 Mar 18
Quote: jaQui: 2wap is Awsome! Im here almost
24/7 for the past 7 years im addicted to 2wap and nothing that others do or say will ever change my mind.smiley Im
sorry for those who find 2wap boring... It depends on what kinda person u are i guess... Ppl come and go. If u dont enjoy and love 2wap the fault is within yourself and has nothing to do with the Awesome SITE...
2Wap is one of a kind and UNIQUE and very SPECIAL. smiley

Quoting myself. Still feel the same. 10years now at 2wap and still love it here. smiley
(10:20) Wed, 7 Mar 18