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Greetings to members old and new. smiley Here is a one-stop guide to your inbox here at 2WapWorld and all of its many features. The inbox and PMs (private messages) are designed to be intuitive so you probably won't need this guide, but you may find it helpful as a point of reference. Here goes...

1. You will be alerted to new inbox messages while browsing the site. There are two options for this, which you can adjust when editing your profile in My settings. The default option is to receive a simple link to your inbox where you can view all your unread messages. The second option is to receive messages as pop-ups, which allows you to read and reply an unread message from the page you are browsing. If you choose this option the oldest unread message will be shown first, and you will need to click "answer later" or reply in order to see the next message.

2. When entering the Inbox Menu, you will see there are different folders. Let me explain each of these in detail:

The primary Inbox is presented as a list of dialogs, where you can switch between viewing all dialogs or only those that contain unread messages. When viewing a dialog, you can click the (+) on a message to access an array of options. When you reply to a dialog, you will see blue arrows next to the dialog in the list. When your reply has been read the blue arrows will change to green.

The Outbox folder is where you can view all your individual sent messages. You will be able to see which PMs you've sent have been read and which haven't. You may delete any PM you've sent that hasn't been read if you change your mind about it.

The Saved PMs folder is a list of your individual archived messages. You can save a PM by clicking the (+) from the dialog list and selecting the relevant option. Important: any read PMs that you do not save will be auto-deleted after 30 days. You may also forward PMs to an email address.

Messaging and privacy options

2WapWorld has a rich variety of preference options, to both customise your inbox experience and protect you from unwanted messages. Here is a quick overview:


You may choose whether or not to display preview text in the Inbox (dialogs) list. This is handy for prioritising which messages to read first.


When editing your profile in My Settings, you may choose to allow messages only from: members with 30 pluses or more (means they aren't newly registered); members who have requested to be your buddy; or members who are already buddies. Note that if you send any user a message then they will be able to reply without the above conditions applying. You also have the option to ignore any individual user. If you use this, they will be asked to add you as a buddy if they try to message you. If you accept a bud request then you will no longer be ignoring them.


Our inbox robot [user]Smarty[/user] will occasionally send you messages to alert you to events that may be of interest to you, for instance if a buddy is having a birthday soon, you have a buddy request, or one of your posts gets Karma. You can decide in My settings whether these messages appear in your inbox alerts or not.
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