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When a man dies,
does his soul go
to hell or move to
the middle of sky?
(22:49) Sat, 28 Oct 17
Hi Tweetums, you say only God can know, which is true. But speaks to is through the Bible and Jacki just used God's word to tell us what God knows. She did not post her ideas.
Any questions you ask yourself and then you make this conclusion "We can never get the answers, it's only God who knows", just examine God's word carefully and you will understand what God knows. You can start with Proverbs 2:1-6, 3:13-15
Wish you the best
(07:01) Mon, 11 Jun 18
I am impressed. You now have a belief contrast to the believes of most religions who teach the soul goes to heaven or hell or pargatory after death. The belief you explained here gives as much details as Jehovah's witnesses would give you to tell you about the condition of the dead.
(06:50) Mon, 11 Jun 18
Truth is not a single person can tell you where any of them went. There is not a man or woman alive who can. Only God can know. not some mortal being. Anyone who claims to know is taking nothing more than a wild guess. and hope they are right. But questions like this can never be truthfully answered. sorry but that is the brutal truth.
(08:38) Fri, 11 May 18
Quote: jaQui:
When a man dies,
does his soul go
to hell or move to
the middle of sky?

I do believe to God that the one who created heaven and hell
But for myself my religion is kindness. So I do believe that when a man dies they are kindness will bring them to the heaven
(12:10) Wed, 2 May 18
don't know about other soul but I know about my soul my soul go to hell bcause I kill.many people bcause they r my food eating blood of people my hobbies so good send me hell definitelysmiley
(05:41) Tue, 3 Apr 18
Scripturally, death is
described as a sleep (Psalm
13:3). Man knows nothing in the
grave. Ecclesiastes 9:5,10, “For
the living know that they shall
die: but the dead know not
any thing…for there is no
work, nor device, nor
knowledge, nor wisdom, in
the grave (Hebrew word
“sheol”), whither thou goest.”
He does not go to the middle of
the sky, because the Bible does
not teach anything like that. He
waits in the grave for the voice
of Jesus to resurrect him from
the dead- John 5:28.
(08:27) Sun, 29 Oct 17
Man does not have a soul, but
he IS a soul. Genesis 2:7,
I knowl You dont read the Bible but this is what God said.
(08:24) Sun, 29 Oct 17

Meaning what?
(07:14) Sun, 29 Oct 17
The time period or stage between death and the end of the world is called the life of barzakh..
(05:51) Sun, 29 Oct 17