ava Smarty: What is common reference word for software or hardware that enables communication between computers? (7 chars)
ava saahir: thermodynamics
ava Smarty: The energy derived from chemical processess is called? (14 chars)

Before we were White, Black, Chinese, Indian

or any other colour … We were God’s first … It is the devil who creates HATE … it is the devil who creates division and strife ... God commands us to love one another … to love our neighbours as we love ourselves ... The devil commands us to hate one another… It is your choice who you will obey.
(11:53) Tue, 6 Jun 17
In my, likely unpopular, opinion any one or "thing" that wishes to manipulate a person does just that, manipulate. They do not create the negative thoughts and feelings, merely use them for their own agenda.

It would seem to me accepting, confronting and then overcoming our own "inner demons" would be the surest way to prevent having those thoughts or feelings used to manipulate us.
(16:04) Thu, 15 Jun 17
Fake thoughts in the form of religious messages are spread by the live devils wearing the mask of religious scholars to mislead the mankind from the right path. Coz they want to earn respect + worldly gain. And this way they enjoy with respect + honour given to them.
(17:56) Thu, 8 Jun 17

One should not let The devil
Get a grip on your soul.
(20:30) Wed, 7 Jun 17
The devil will never have a
Place in my heart and soul.
He can go to hell and back!
(20:22) Wed, 7 Jun 17
One more thing is very much important to understand that devil only can suggest, it never possests the power to command anyone.
(18:21) Wed, 7 Jun 17
Obey yourself by following the ways shown by Almighty TheGod. Not the ways shown by the devil, coz following the path of devil will lead to stray far, far enough from the right path.
(18:10) Wed, 7 Jun 17
At the moment it looks as if mankind decided to listen rather to the devil
(14:55) Tue, 6 Jun 17