ava Coookie: Status quo*
ava Coookie: Its been going like a status que song.. down down deeper and down smiley
ava Amorian: It's been a while. How's it going here?
A Pastor was travelling last week on a bike. He saw an Old man, and gave him a lift. While they were going, the old man said; "My son, do you know what happened in Heaven last night? "The Pastor was so terrified and hurriedly parked and asked; Sir, how did you get the information about Heaven? The Old man said; last night in Heaven God became very angry with human and asked the Angels to blow the trumpet....The angels picked up the trumpets and as they were about to blow it Jesus fell down and began to plead to God in tears. The blood came out of his hands and body were very fresh. He told God that His death shouldn't be in vain. But God doesn't want to see the pains of his saint and the wickedness of the evil ones. Still He said;"I AM GIVING THEM THEIR LAST CHANCE". Jesus then turned to the angels and told them to move down in their numerous numbers to tell the world that "THE END IS NEAR, JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON".
The Pastor (sweating and crying) asked; "Sir, how did you know this?" The OLD MAN replied; I am one of the Angels sent to the world. Please use every medium of communication to send this message. No time to waste, Please! And the old man disappeared.
This story is real, Christ is coming very Soon. Please REPENT. I beg all of you. Please pass this message around... Copy & paste it, Share it, Call, Email & text it. PLEASE SAVE A SOUL TODAY. I have done my part, it's now your turn to spread the Gospel. No wealth can be compared to life everlasting in Heaven. DO NOT IGNORE THIS...PLEASE.. . Hope that everybody could be seen in heaven together....
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preaching of goodnews
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smiley may god bless us all
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