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Angelica was shown the
Kingdoms of Heaven and
Hell, and the Return of Christ.
She witnessed Jesus
weeping over lost souls, a
world that has rejected Him,
an unprepared lukewarm
Church, and an
entertainment industry that
even lures children to satan.
Angelica was also shown
how the Kingdom of Heaven
is all wonderfully prepared
and ready, an unimaginable
glorious place, where no evil
exists. Though Jesus is ONLY
coming back for a Holy
People, and many of God's
children will NOT be ready
on that day, and will be left
behind in a world that will
fall apart. http://spiritlessons.com/Documents/Prepare_to_meet_your_God/index.htm
(10:49) Mon, 23 Apr 12
Repent or u leave God with no choice dan sending u to hell.
(23:10) Sat, 28 Apr 12
You just called Jesus a potential murderer. smiley I hope he's gay enough to tolerate and forgive you. Cz I've never met any such "normal" person who is as tolerant as us homosexuals.
(01:09) Wed, 25 Apr 12
I have joined services in more than few many churches where observed that the some people speak something not understandable, the fathers called it revelation God in foreign languages 'a miracle' which i dnt much believe! May be tw can enlighten?
(00:42) Wed, 25 Apr 12
Jesus will come back to kill gays lezbiens pigs and other sinners and to make this world as his kingdom! And to bring those into it who shall be believers and worshippers of ONENESS. The kingdom hereafter is obviously for those who were not consciously trying to commit a sin and were living a neat life on the earth!
(00:30) Wed, 25 Apr 12
(18:24) Tue, 24 Apr 12
Thanx 4 inf0smiley
(19:25) Mon, 23 Apr 12
All the people named John should be prepared...
(10:54) Mon, 23 Apr 12