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Bless Oh Lord my soul,
Lord God how great U are,
Clothed in majesty and glory
wrapped in light as in a robe.
You founded the earth on its base,
to stand firm fron age to age,
You wrapped it with the ocean,
like a cloak..the waters stood higher,
higher than the mountains!
You make springs gush forth in the valleys,
they flow in between the hills.On their
banks dwell the birds of heaven, from the
branches they sing their song.
From Your dwelling You water the hills,
earth drinks its fill of Your gift. You make
the grass grow for the cattle and the
plants to serve man's needs.
How many are Your works, Oh Lord..
In wisdom You have made them all,
The earth is full of Your riches,
Bless the Lord, My SouL..
(08:25) Sat, 7 Apr 12
Very nice words ! smiley smiley
(06:10) Sun, 15 Apr 12
Very nice words ! smiley
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(16:54) Sat, 7 Apr 12
'Beautiful smiley
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