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I invite you to try an experiment today. It's very simple and won't take up any of your time. Here's all you have to do:

see God in every person who crosses your path today.

Make believe every person you see has a large name tag that says "God" on his or her chest. If it is inconsistent with your religious beliefs to see any human as God, make believe the name tag says "Created by God."

In this experiment, there are no exceptions. When you see your spouse or your child, you are seeing God. As you pass strangers on the street, look at each as if you are looking at God.

If you're in a crowded public area and some loudmouth is using a cell phone, just look at that person knowing you are seeing God, or a creation of God. You know what you would say or think about that person if you weren't doing this experiment.
But what would you say if you were seeing God in that person?

Would you mumble profanities or criticize the person for being an inconsiderate jerk?

As you walk through your offices at work, see the name tag clearly on each person and know that you are seeing God as each person passes. How loving and caring would you be if you could see God in every person? The moment you focus on God, your mind tends to stop. The judgment stops, and all you recognize is love.

You'll be amazed at how your world changes when you see God in every person. You'll be able to look past the labels you have assigned to these people - Caucasian, African-American, pretty, ugly, fat, thin, sloppy, neat, generous, selfish, etc.; you may notice some of these characteristics, but they won't be important to you. You will see through them to the divinity within.

With your new focus, your heart is joined with each person and you feel connection, not separation. You have no interest in criticizing. You are full of compassion. You project the love that is in you and that love is reflected back to you.

This really isn't an unusual experiment or a stretch of the truth. Many religions and spiritual traditions believe that everything IS God, that the life force or energy we refer to as God appears as every bit of matter in the universe.

Even if you believe that you are somehow separate from God, you probably believe that you are created by God, in the image of God. Thus, there is an element of the Divine in every human being.

I'll be the first to admit that this experiment can present some difficult challenges. While you may be able to see God in your child or in a stranger on the street, you might have considerable resistance to seeing God in those whose behavior
you find cruel or immoral - such as those who have committed murder, rape, or have molested a child.

I don't have an easy answer for you; each person must come to his or her own conclusions. However, something tells me we are called to see God in every person, to see beyond behavior to the divine love that connects all of us.

See God in every person who crosses your path today. You'll have a day unlike any you've ever experienced. Maybe you'll want to continue the experiment beyond one day. The only "entity" that will raise an objection is your MIND, which is
conditioned to see differences and to judge others.

If you're ready to get a glimpse of your true nature, and your capacity for love and joy, begin this experiment immediately.

Mohandas Gandhi said it beautifully: "If you don't find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further."
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Quote: TheMouse: I've done that experiment long ago, 25 years ago or so, and found that thought fantastic, too. smiley ...but did U know, there was a time when people saw a person in every god? smiley
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I've done that experiment long ago, 25 years ago or so, and found that thought fantastic, too. smiley ...but did U know, there was a time when people saw a person in every god? smiley
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Nice topic.God bless u my friend -wnamastey2-
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