ava Smarty: ions or group of ions that have the same electrons configuration or structure are known as? (11 chars)
ava tanmoy1953: Helium
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to tanmoy1953 for the correct answer.
Here in this thread, please upload your religious contents such as e-books (holybooks), softwares, recorded materials, images etc which you wish to share with other members.

Also give the full description of the content you're uploading in a single post where you're uploading the file.

You could also request for any religious content that you may desire. Thank you.
(15:06) Mon, 29 Nov 10
Quote: Trax: Some pics of hindu god 'durga'
(10:53) Thu, 22 Sep 16
Quote: DareDevil: Can anyone please upload an e-book containing some religious strange but true facts? smiley
Prapat Ratnakar Dinkar India Maharashtra Hindu Marathi HU?MAN.Resigned 28 yrs B.E.S.T. Service.During service Some Powerfull Cursed Rajawadi Hospital named DeathComa Accident.D Result,Outcome,Output Named=B.H.P.S.S.V.Z.M.M.]}=B.=B.hrun(=phoetus) H.=H.atya(=to kill) P.=P.aap(=sin) aakash vani(=divine sound) S.S.=S.wamyS.amarth(=hindu dattaguru named 1 of bhagwan named god's avatar named messenger named) V.=V.ada ch Z.=Z.aad(vad=fig zaad=tree) M.=M.ul M.=M.ul(=MulMul=root root)]}=VisibleInvisible world's Root=AnadiAnant,Allah,Khuda,Malik,Rabba,God etc etc named typedS.Dats y Prapat Ranakar Dinkar=B.H.P.S.S.V.Z.M.M. NOW.
(14:53) Sun, 4 Oct 15
pics of god ganesha
(07:55) Mon, 9 Apr 12
pics of hindu god saraswati
(07:51) Mon, 9 Apr 12
Some pics of hindu god 'durga'
(07:45) Mon, 9 Apr 12
Pics of hindus god 'hanuman'.
(17:01) Sat, 7 Apr 12
I have a pics of hindus god whose name is 'krishna'
(16:56) Sat, 7 Apr 12
I love all god and believes
(08:19) Sun, 11 Mar 12
Hummm nice topic
(11:11) Mon, 27 Feb 12
Quote: Dunrichie: pls can some1 upload Holy Bible application for 128x128 screen size

goto my profile then find my topic.. Good luck..gbu
(16:38) Tue, 7 Feb 12
Our Father in Hebrew
(10:17) Thu, 19 Jan 12
savior of the world. Our God. Jehovah God through Jesus Christ
(09:11) Tue, 27 Dec 11
I wud like a pic of da ka'abah in Mecca plz
(21:30) Sun, 30 Oct 11
Quote: K_shaka: do we really have religious software..or is this topic all bout forum lunatic?
There is a slight problem with uploads I think smiley
(18:14) Fri, 28 Oct 11
do we really have religious software..or is this topic all bout forum lunatic?
(13:47) Sun, 16 Oct 11