ava bLaCk666: Sup world
ava Maryam: huh me smiley
ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
Human i mean ins wse dos manking for greatoin for god i mean allah. 0nly 1400 forteen hundreds years back i mean 700 eswi date of eesah why the way where you need date eesash date . First daleel 1000 people know after that 1000 years that people 7 arab . now people on the that world 7 arab and after back 100 years 1 arab peaple . 100 years later people 7 persent. I mean 100 ka 1000 thousand people i mean 1400 back people 2 people know 7 arab
(01:44) Sat, 1 Jun 19
I can't understand anything. 😇
(19:01) Sat, 1 Jun 19
And women many thing for any thing he giving many power of you for making children for that stomac
(02:04) Sat, 1 Jun 19
My rasool have ilm about any thing and any hadees by kama some mean. I mean he kama we protect jin shayateen writng on hadees that jin face look like animal many thing and that allah giving life again how is possible that bcoz allah ke rasool protect jin and shayateen your ilms bcoz allah giving life again first asking that min rabo ka min deeno ka. What the deen you have. I giving you deen. I mean some girls have sexual with some boys after some years mary other vise boys and after that she having childrn children ask mom have where i live 9 month and where my father. And some people also hi gaving and many more so that daleel not giving life again we and many more bcoz every human manking by allah same face and 2 mother pa also and many so every where allah ajaab
(02:00) Sat, 1 Jun 19