ava bLaCk666: Sup world
ava Maryam: huh me smiley
ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
Weakness illlness heart buffring heart hacking. U here ur heart some where. heart crying. Fever dil ka na lagna dil ka machalna kaam karne mann nahi karna. I mean heart not working any any work. Only working sleep and crying. So i know that i research that so i found that i have fever in the bond. So i work that so i found some tricks 100 persent working
(06:25) Sat, 9 Mar 19
After ur milk one liter bowling after half litter so u try after 7 days u found ur beatyful health. So u ask any doctor
(10:09) Sat, 9 Mar 19
Again one liter milk bowl ur gais and after 30 secend 12 ressin in that milk. Ressin cracking ur mixxing i mean easy juice u found in ur milk u try.
(10:08) Sat, 9 Mar 19
one litter milk bowling slow gais .and ressin mixxing ur grinder any thing grinder ya cut by knife banana or ya any thing bcoz ressin juice.
(10:03) Sat, 9 Mar 19
Any thing i have many idea for that . But that is good for ilness coz ressin make bond stronger and milk also fever also 100 fayede. Fayde likhna mushkil
(09:58) Sat, 9 Mar 19
And you need munakka i mean graps and hunnaam ressin green graps 60 pees
(06:33) Sat, 9 Mar 19
So u need one litter milk oringnal buffalo. I mean apko oringnal bhains ka doodh chahiye one litter. But u need oringnal milk so you go any house so have buffalo and here u need ur ayes aasking that sir pleas giving me oringnal milk i have many illness majboori hai. So that trick is work
(06:31) Sat, 9 Mar 19