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By no means an EU-wide policy the, ofttimes controversial, ban on the full-face veil that is used in many traditional Muslim communities has in recent times been tabled or instituted by a number of EU countries. The latest of which are Norway an Austria.

I'll keep clear of politics as much as possible, since it muddies the issue. My interest is purely in the social implications.

EU policy has for a long time emphasized multiculturalism, recent shifts in the geopolitical landscape have however been a divisive element in the discussion around multiculturalism, often splitting societies along religious, cultural and racial fault-lines.

My question is this, is integration only possible by forcing migrants to adopt local culture and norms? Will legal measures such as the Burqa-ban truly achieve integration or will it further alienate migrant populations? And if this is the stance we wish to take up as Europeans can we still claim to espouse multiculturalism?
(05:13) Wed, 14 Jun 17
Your questions dont sound like questions but your opinions in the style of mainstream media. Instead of neutrally asking Is wearing burqa a cultural symbol? or Is burqa ban right? You are asking questions like media asks: Isn't punishing a rapist against human rights?

Now.. coming to the real questions.
If I see neutrally, Burqa is a symbol of oppression not culture. Ask any muslim expert why burqa is applied on women BY MEN firstly. It was never a choice of women but A MEN. Who thinks women attracts molestation and it gives power to male chauvinist mentality.. it says that men are never at fault.. I am a man myself FYI still I oppose this oppressive tradition made in favor of men to control their women as if they are some objects.

Secondly, there is a security risk with burqa.. many burqa clad people have been reported to carry bombs. Every country's priority is its citizen's security and they cant compromise it for the sake of your traditional oppression. Remember, BURQA ISNT A RELIGIOUS CLOTH, it was created by MEN and imposed on WOMEN to hide their body
(08:56) Thu, 4 Apr 19