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earlier people use to send their parents to old age home even now they are doing it but now many organizations have comeup they send the girls or women to take care of aged women at home.
that girl or women will stay at our home for 24 hours taking care of aged women, we have to provide accomidation, food and monthly payment to the organization 8 to 12 thousand. it depends on the organization, government organization like red cross is charging 8 thousand per month. there is a lot of demand for girls and women who can takecare of aged women.
(20:03) Fri, 8 Apr 16
Infact it's opened new job opportunity.
(13:42) Sat, 9 Apr 16
U care too much
(06:10) Sat, 9 Apr 16
So the job opportunity is whoever interested in india to care for the elderly ones with reasonable income? Good one, atleast unemployment rate could reduce and its also productivity to the economy
(21:54) Fri, 8 Apr 16