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Nothing can end a workout faster than Muscle Cramps. But hav u ever wondered wht causes them ? Straining or overusing muscles. Being dehydraded. Keeping a muscle in th same position 4 a long time. Having poor blood supply 2 affected muscles. Having compressed nerves in th spine. Getting less-than-required amounts of dietery minrals, such as Potasium, Magnesium an Calcium.
(21:08) Mon, 7 Mar 16
Good but I used to exercise my body so I don't think it would happen to me unless I stop exercising myself
(01:14) Wed, 9 Mar 16
it can b quite painful, gud information.
(10:08) Tue, 8 Mar 16
An important information. Thanks for sharing this.
(03:26) Tue, 8 Mar 16
I think we shld rather focus on how can it be reduced to minimal and under control with vital health tips
(01:13) Tue, 8 Mar 16
(23:51) Mon, 7 Mar 16
Gud to know
(22:54) Mon, 7 Mar 16