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Typhoid Fever is a SERIOUS BACTERIA INFECTION usually caused by SALMONELLA SEROTYPE TYPHI. TYPHOID is usually spread by either__direct contact with th person who hav it or indirectly by eating food or drinking water contaminated with th faeces of an infected person. Th spread may increase in situations where poor hygenical sanitation conditions exist, although it could be spread by contaminated FOOD, FRUIT (old )OR FLUIDS. In a early stage a patient present with FEVER, DIAIRHOEA, ABDOMINAL PAIN, LOSS OF APPETITE. BODY PAINS, AND HEADACHES. Th patient is usually 2 tired 2 get up. ITS A SERIOUS DISEASE, an its busy 2 spread all over th world. Plz wash All UR FRUITS AN VEGS AN MEAT B4 U EAT IT. And tht washing cloth or sponge tht u ar using in th kitchen an in ur bathroom. Keep it CLEAN ALWAYS. Wash ur hands regular with soap. An tht dirty trollies at a supermarket ar full of bacteria. Never touch ur face whn u touch tht dirty trolly. PLZ TAKE CARE OF URSELFS.
(09:04) Wed, 27 Jan 16
It's my mother big sickness.
(13:19) Fri, 1 Apr 16
Good info
(12:52) Wed, 23 Mar 16
Its a serious disease that needs collective effort of everyone not limited to the medical personnel who will treat victims
Lately last year was the epidemic of ebola and now it Zika virus... Utmost sanitation and regular check up should all be our top most priority
(12:33) Wed, 23 Mar 16
Quote: shane_stark: Thanks for sharing... Kayli....Good Info..smiley
tx shane
(14:02) Sun, 31 Jan 16
Thanks for sharing... Kayli....Good Info..smiley
(11:55) Sun, 31 Jan 16
great info, plz be cautious
(16:13) Thu, 28 Jan 16
Quote: Eeprom: awwe always diseases to spoil things , usually its the poor people's worst affected,

saw on news that the americas is badly affected by Zika Virus which affects pregnant womens unborn babies smiley

There is no vaccine or treatment for
Zika virus

yeah I read this on todays news.
aedes mosquito making this.
(16:09) Thu, 28 Jan 16
Nice informative and useful topic. Our careness can save us from contaminated diseases.
(00:37) Thu, 28 Jan 16
Thanks for the info, but I myself do not have time washing banana before eating lol
(11:57) Wed, 27 Jan 16