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The primary reason why the color red is used for danger signals is that red light is scattered the least by air molecules. The effect of scattering is inversely related to the fourth power of the wavelength of a color. Therefore blue which has the least wavelength of all the visible radiations is scattered the most and red which has the highest wavelength of all the colors we can see is scattered the least. Because of greater wavelength the red light is scattered the least by the particles so that the red light can be seen from great distances.

Also, red is a color we inherently perceive as one that is associated with danger. I guess it has been genetically programmed as hot objects are red in color and also red is the color of blood. These reasons make danger signals the most effective when they are painted in redsmiley
(07:09) Mon, 2 Nov 15
hmmmm nice info!
(21:39) Sat, 14 Nov 15
It's not true maybe that was scientific explanation., according to my own understanding red is anything harmful that can endangered ones live as a result it is used to making people aware of it also it is accepted nation wide that red is bad also signifies death or evil... hehe that is what popped into my mind
(21:17) Wed, 4 Nov 15
w0w! Very interesting... Thanx for sharing... Awesome topic!
(07:51) Mon, 2 Nov 15