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1.Fiat _ Italy

2. Ferrari _Italy

3. Lamborghini_ Italy

4. Hyundai _ South Korea

5. Chryster _United State

6. Ford _United State

6. Suzuki_ United State

7. General Motors _ United State

8.Porshe_ Germany

9.BMW_ Germany

10.Volkswagen_ Germany

11.Honda_ Japan

12.Toyota_ Japan

13.Nissan_ Japan

14.Rolls Royce_ United Kingdom

15. Tata_ India

I got this info out of the game by name [/b]CarMakersbyCountry[/b]

I got 8 marks in first test and second test 5. Hahahaha
(10:39) Thu, 23 Jul 15
in Claim Made In UK its probably going to be some japanese item with a engine which is just a square block thow me away When things go wrong type honesty emo97#
(19:02) Thu, 22 Oct 15
Thanks. I thought Suzuki was from Japan.
(10:28) Thu, 22 Oct 15
Quote: sky2k: My Chevy not on your list...lol
What did I said? I got it out from the game so get it install and try the questions... Chase meeee you can
(06:06) Mon, 19 Oct 15
My Chevy not on your list...lol
(11:09) Thu, 23 Jul 15