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Whats ur opinion about hunting an killings of animals ?
(19:08) Sun, 30 Nov 14
Its cruel to kill animals.
(19:38) Tue, 21 Jun 16
I bet you,animals dont see this as a problem.
the world we are in is the survival of the fitest

no snake on its right sense plays with human unless been charmed

if am giving the opportunity i'll wipe out all the [u/]LIONS[/u] in the world.
(19:56) Fri, 5 Dec 14
People are having fun and went for Shikar or hunting animals as they say it was thier hobbies. They love to eat them too but some dont eat brought them home as trophies n feel proud about. I am against this killing or hunting animals. Some go for hunting as poachers to sell the meat or sell horn of those animal they killed.
(01:02) Wed, 3 Dec 14
trophy hunting is very bad, even more so if they don't make use of the meat. Hunting to eat is something else... we kill cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks... Don't we? But we eat them, we don't hang them on walls.
(13:32) Mon, 1 Dec 14
People don't live in fear of being hunted by animals, so animals shouldn't have to face being hunted by people. Animals only hunt to survive, but humans kill animals for all sorts of senseless reasons. Because of this we are being faced with the threat of extinction of many magnificent species.
(22:48) Sun, 30 Nov 14
I,m against of animal hunting or killing. Its cruel and bad for our nature too.
(22:38) Sun, 30 Nov 14
We can use it as our meat thats natural to man but I dont think is good to kill animals uneccessary.
(20:40) Sun, 30 Nov 14