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the naturat geological phenomenon which we are not yet able to predict accuretly is called earthquake.i can cause damage to human life and property on a huge scale.this is a sudden tremor or movement of earth's crust which lasts for a very short time.effects of an earthquake-(1)earthquake cause damage to the building,bridges,dams.(2)earthquake in many cases,can causes great loss of life.safety precaution durning earthquaje(for a person present inside of a building)-(1)take shelter under a table and stay there till the shaking stops.(2)stay away from tall and heavy objects that may fall on you.(for a person caught outside in the open)(1)find a clear spot,away from buildings,trees,bridges and overhead power lines.drop to the ground.(2)do not come out,if a moving vehicle.drive slowly to a clear spot and stay inside.come out only when tremors stop.safety precaution after earthquake-(1)beware of coastal tsunami,if you live in coastal area.(2)help the injured one.smiley
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