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Most of the coolest and weirdest animals are extinct nowadays, and we look to our videogames and movies to provide us with the bizarre creatures that frighten, amaze or amuse us, but here and there around the world, there are living things which could give the most toxic of headcrabs a run for it's money...
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oh my god the mole looks right outta resident evil movie. . Nice topic.
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where is image of michael jackson plasticus spasticus???
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5: Frilled Shark
Chlamydoselachus anguineus

Previously thought to be extinct, one of these was found alive off the coast of Japan in 2007, but didn't live long. People were facinated by the footage of it, and somewhat freaked out by it (until they saw how much smaller it was than they all thought), but it figures that something found in Japan would resemble a deformed penis, doesn't it?

4: Deep Sea Glass Squid
Teuthowenia pellucida

Ever played Metroid? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has terrifying visions of this thing latching onto my face.

3: Star-Nosed Mole
Condylura cristata


The star-nosed mole is an American mole which tends to resemble your average mole, that is if your average mole has previously snorted a firework. This thing's nose is surrounded by freakish tentacles which, in turn, are covered in tiny receptors which are so sensitive that they allow the blind creature to, you know, feel stuff.

They can also swim, and smell underwater by snotting out bubbles and sucking them back in again.

2: Goblin Shark
Mitsukurina owstoni

Found dotted around the world, but mostly Japan (It figures...), goblin sharks are what standard sharks check under the bed for before sleeping.

1: Blobfish
Psychrolutes marcidus

Blobfish are distant relatives of the goombah which live deep in the water off the coasts down under and are rarely seen by humans outside of Doctor Who. I don't know how these things came to be, but I like to think it involves nuclear waste, the 80s, and a low budget.
(12:36) Sat, 17 Sep 11
10: Tarsier
Tarsius syrichta

"First, train in the ways of the kendo stick, you must."

Two huge eyeballs and a bit of fur, also known as the tarsier, lives in South East Asia and has two huge eyeballs and a bit of fur. Oh, and massive fingers.

9: Leafy Sea Dragon
Phycodurus eques

Not to be confused with a seahorse which has become horribly tangled up in something, the appropriately named leafy sea dragon is, well, leafy. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's the leafiest sea dragon I've seen all week.

8: Alpaca
Vicugna pacos

What the heck is that thing anyway? This South American living identity crisis is known for it's inability to decide if it's a llama, camel, sheep or John McCririck.

I kid you not - I live right next to a bunch of these. The farmer apparently rented out his land to a rich guy having a mid-life crisis and every field (even the public footpath) is packed with these stupid things.

7: Promachoteuthis sulcus

It's a squid, from deep in the south Atlantic Ocean.... With... HUMAN TEETH! No wonder they didn't stick around long enough to give it an English name.

6: Michael Jackson
Plasticus spasticus

This beast is believed to have started out as a young, healthy pop star and changed colour, shape and species due to environmental influence.

In all seriousness though, folks, Michael Jackson was an absolute legend before he slowly turned into something worthy of this list, and it's a shame.
(12:35) Sat, 17 Sep 11