ava mizzy: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ava Goldengem: Hey Habib And Thapasya,why Were U Debating Earlier About 9 Or 7members,huh?Hahahaha!Am I For Or Against?U Both Are Making My Head Spin!!
ava habib170199: Thapasya, a few hours ago 9 members were online... LOL
Scientists have discovered a new habitable planet Gilese 581d. There is permanent day at one side and Permanent night at the other side.

Is anyone thinking of relocating? smiley
(13:03) Wed, 18 May 11
i wd rather like to visit S.A. where my swty lives..
(16:08) Wed, 14 Oct 15
Darn!If I knew that earlier,I would never
bought that ticket for Mars...
(01:44) Sat, 10 Oct 15
(08:51) Fri, 19 Jun 15
No, I am staying here on my home planet with all the animals and plants i already know. Although i hope pretty much everyone else goes so this planet can heal. smiley
(06:31) Thu, 19 May 11
okay if my work give me vacation smiley
(01:38) Thu, 19 May 11
Not likely. I'm so not going to spend my precious holiday in the land of nowhere. No AC? I can't live.
(01:35) Thu, 19 May 11
I lost my wallet smwere, smiley
(23:40) Wed, 18 May 11
smiley For spending my holiday f im fully stressful smiley
(23:23) Wed, 18 May 11
h0w much 4 return ticketsmiley
(23:19) Wed, 18 May 11
smiley i wanna go
(17:46) Wed, 18 May 11
..If i have unlimited oxygen in the mask, i can think of a vacation. Only thing i'd be left to find out is whether the journey to that planet would not alone consume my vacation period.
(15:23) Wed, 18 May 11
smiley for a vacation?
(13:06) Wed, 18 May 11