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Many may not agree with the theory of evolution despite well documented facts, studies and tales by scientist working round the clock daily but yet we must agree or partially about forseen and occurence of natural disaster which claim lives and property.

Earthquake, volcanoe, hurricane and many others happens unexpected but atleast we can appreciate effort of scientist for any forth coming.

Post here any forth coming of natural disaster and related issues, we'd be glad to learn from yousmiley
(00:32) Sat, 12 Dec 09
I saw d video of a tsunami once,not good.It happens when there's an earth-quake in d floor of d ocean,it kinda tilts d ocean floor and huge huge waves come rushing inland;unstoppable,devastating!smiley
(13:40) Sat, 12 Dec 09
Tsunami- happened in indonasia, india, and some part asian countries..in 2004... A big disaster killed lots of good hearts.smiley and scientists said that it will come back again soon

tsunami - its a large waves in sea's which can have the capacity to destroy one big city in single wave..
(04:25) Sat, 12 Dec 09