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Many may not agree with the theory of evolution despite well documented facts, studies and tales by scientist working round the clock daily but yet we must agree or partially about forseen and occurence of natural disaster which claim lives and property.

Earthquake, volcanoe, hurricane and many others happens unexpected but atleast we can appreciate effort of scientist for any forth coming.

Post here any forth coming of natural disaster and related issues, we'd be glad to learn from yousmiley
(00:32) Sat, 12 Dec 09
Good post its dpnd on humanity
(03:29) Wed, 26 Jun 13
(10:02) Sun, 26 May 13
we can help reduce the happenings
(15:02) Thu, 3 Jan 13
Russia - 1986.04.26. Atom disaster was.
(16:33) Tue, 1 Jan 13
the main reason of this is the global warming.so,we should plant more and more trees&not cut trees
(16:13) Sun, 17 Jun 12
hi all
(17:23) Tue, 5 Jun 12
smiley info
(09:33) Tue, 24 Apr 12
must start for back to nature to save the world.
We cant command Nature except by obeying her.
(00:31) Fri, 20 Apr 12
but sciencetist dn't ever knw that what that the time of volcano,earthquke etc. Comes that what we destructed
(16:38) Sat, 7 Apr 12
IFv b digaster 4 natur it will b same 2 us
(03:28) Sat, 24 Mar 12
plants alotz of tree,u non CFC stuffs. Its reduce global warming.
(09:00) Sat, 25 Feb 12
to much nice 1 there
(18:46) Sat, 28 Jan 12
Quote: Lakeside-1: We can avert d impending catastrophe of global warming. We all have work collectively to create a clean and safe environment 4 us and generations to come
A gud and a mOst disastrous calamity u have point theresmiley"global warming"some may be still iggnOrant to this term ! But this term wll surely make thngs ugly in near future , nt near it has already startd showng its ugly face. We cannOt change it. still can take sOme ratiOnal measure to postpOne it!u must take a step urself initate it and than expect other to cOntribute for gobal affairs! drop by drop can make an ocean similary o individual effort frm everyOne can surely avert this problem . Thanks! Over and out!
(10:57) Wed, 21 Dec 11
Am shocked reading on some personal experience here. . . Mayb its true man's exploit is the basis or reason for natural disaster
(01:22) Mon, 19 Dec 11
we have alot of tornados in the u.s.,the 2011 season killed more people than the last decade combined,and more ef5 tornados in 2011 than there were in the last 50 years.
(11:53) Mon, 21 Nov 11