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I'll be uploading Android apps that work for all types of Android but version 3 downwards won't work I guess. If you want your smartphone looks like a PC then Download the window 7.... There are many Bibles in the list download what u want, but I recommend KJV for ya. if ya want a better launcher then install the Hola launcher with this ya can do everything..... updates of weather. ya can set your own location then leave the rest for the launcher.
install City Racing its better than Asphalt you make a try.

Flash share allow you to share apps then pics then videos., music. I mean anything you have in your android with friends who have one through Wi-Fi without paying for it... If your friend have one then just launch flash share and let him/her do the same then create group and let your friend join your group after this process you'll be notify that flash share paired then choose or select what you wanna share with friend then send it done.

Messenger. This is a lite form of fb messenger with this I hope you everyone knew it uses but an interesting tool is it inbuilt image search. type any thing you wanna see it image then the inbuilt search will search for you.....

AndroZip. Let you zip files etc on your android phone. note. no what you're doing before then

Zuma Return. is a Zuma game I hope everyone knows it.

Inbox me the name of the app ya wanna download so that I can tell you how it's use if you're new to it. thanks
(19:32) Mon, 5 Oct 15
(22:37) Thu, 8 Aug 19
it says can't be upload cos the topic or post remove, It's not my fault lol.

I'm not coming back to upload any app again bye
(01:31) Sat, 5 Jan 19
I'll be updating this post of mine this Saturday at 1.00am .

Watch out for new apps .

Xmas to all 2wappers xoxo
(11:27) Thu, 3 Jan 19
You can get the rest of the apps in my files 😂
(22:40) Wed, 20 Jan 16
It says I can't upload or attach any files to this post so I'll upload the rest in my apk files lol
(12:40) Fri, 8 Jan 16
The app allow you play music files lol It also play even if you're playing music using the default music that came by your phone or device.

This is a simple app that work by command, this means that if you want to reach Google play store or any of the apps or whatever in your phone , Just tap the microphone in the app then say it , it will take you there and more functions it can do.

My photo keyboard
This app allow you set your own image as a theme lol and more. I'll attach mine to you lol

This is also a keyboard that help you type local language including Igbo, wolof, Hausa and all languages in Ghana and some west Africa language.... This is because the alphabets in the keys were different from that of those found in normal keyboard. I'll screenshot it if the network becomes stable lol.

This app is an alternative form of Google play store , the app has much features including music, app, video, themes and more. The interesting thing about the app is even if you ran out of data pack or credit you can pause it and resume it later when top up your accounts and continue, lol

This app require internet connection before it can unlock the topics content. This apps teaches All science topics and All categories of science including physics, biology, agric science and more.

Note. if the content unlock you can turn off your data and again that content or topic will remain unlock forever which means you won't use any data to read that content anymore .... .......

The app require internet to open the content only first time and remain unlock forever.

You can download it from Google play or wait if the network is stable I'll attach it one by one.
(11:45) Fri, 8 Jan 16
(18:32) Mon, 4 Jan 16
KJ Bibles version . I think these app is best of all but some of the translations were a bit different so , Download the one you think best for you. if you're confuse them go buy Original KJ Bible then compare it with these ones.

I'm sorry don't complain after downloading if you're having old version below 3 downwards....
(12:04) Sun, 3 Jan 16
Latest apps

Voice search, enable you do voice typing and voice message... download if your microphone not working on your android.

Launcher 8 also let you have a taste and feel of Windows 8.

UCbrowser, it is a browser but this is a lite or small or mini, it is fast.
(05:47) Sat, 19 Dec 15
files for java phones only
(21:56) Mon, 30 Nov 15
i will upload java game for any java phone {pes 2016}
(19:47) Mon, 30 Nov 15
Wow nice work
(07:12) Sun, 25 Oct 15
Quote: Samuel099: I'll be uploading Android apps that work for all types of Android but version 3 downwards won't work I guess
Nice work smiley
(06:55) Sun, 25 Oct 15
Quote: Samuel099: Okay. Do you mean when logged on Smartphone and desktop version I'd get all the above previous quote as you said?
The limit isn't mentioned on the new version equivalent page, because it is high enough that you'll never hit it unless uploading a file that isn't meant for mobiles.
(08:03) Mon, 19 Oct 15
Okay. Do you mean when logged on Smartphone and desktop version I'd get all the above previous quote as you said?
(06:32) Mon, 19 Oct 15