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Also see topic id: 2441641

This's the OFFICIAL topic to upload java games on here.

The key resolution will be 240X320 as its a universal resolution and the games will be based on java platform as almost every phone which supports gaming supports java files.
That's what I believe however anybody is free to upload any resolution or any platform based games on here if they want.

Here're the links to other major Gaming topics :
Rishab's topic -
topic id: 1593618
Vipul's topic - topic id: 2441641


No free posting is allowed in this topic ! If you like the game just click the KARMA button below the post in which the game is posted. However if you want to request the same game in different resolution or platform I request you to please quote the resolution which you need in that certain game's post. If you want to request a game you're free to do that.

Well being the creator of this topic my biggest responsibility is to keep it updated. So its my promise that i'll make sure that Atleast 2 new games are posted here each and every week.

Now, If possible please give attachments /links to all resolution/OS of the same game
Whoever posted interest in 2wapworld Team recruitment is directed to zip the file and keep the '2wapworld Team' advertisement inside that zip file.
i'm uploading below the .txt file along with zip utility to extract and compress the files and also .rar extractor as it might be needed.

(19:06) Fri, 20 Aug 10
Damn, this was some good shxt we had going back then o.O
(02:33) Sun, 16 Jun 13
(12:57) Mon, 31 Dec 12
oh java
(13:05) Fri, 5 Oct 12
Quote: redbLue: this one is my favorite! dont take it if you dont know how to gamble.. TexasHoldEmPoker2 smiley
Can't I get this for my X2-01? Downloaded this version and it doesn't work on my phone...
(19:24) Mon, 3 Sep 12
pls upload 176 X 120 resolution game
(14:48) Tue, 17 Apr 12
Quote: _jAcKsPeRo_: i need gameloft's touchscreen racing games 240×320 screen

- Touch screen games (240x320), Gameloft

*Crash Car Mania, E6, 240x320
*GhostRider, 240x320
*Need For Speed Undercover 3D, E6, 240x320
*TopGear, 240x320
(09:05) Sun, 11 Dec 11
Prince of persia
(04:46) Sun, 11 Dec 11
i need gameloft's touchscreen racing games 240×320 screen
(14:36) Sat, 10 Dec 11
super mario smiley
(01:06) Tue, 6 Dec 11
I need super mario game, is it java game?
(11:19) Mon, 5 Dec 11
(U) mean for all gender smiley
(08:04) Sat, 3 Dec 11
any java games for females?
(03:08) Sat, 3 Dec 11
Sorry guys, I shifted to Android now, I'm proud owner of supersmart Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray now xD If you need any , and I mean ANY android game, let me know smiley I even got shadowgun, the best mobile game out yet :p
(14:33) Tue, 29 Nov 11
this one is my favorite! dont take it if you dont know how to gamble.. TexasHoldEmPoker2 smiley
(14:08) Sun, 27 Nov 11
heres god of war.. hard to play.. -
(10:38) Sun, 27 Nov 11