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Classic games from the 8 and 16-bit eras will be uploaded here in zip format along with a mini review for each title. These games are suitable for playing on any PC (visit http://emulator-zone.com) or on smartphones with the correct emulator (check page 2 for Kriwil's guide to playing on Symbian phones).
Forum members may upload a new classic ROM along with a review of at least 50 words here for a reward of 20 pluses each time. smiley
Note: by downloading any ROM you affirm than you own an official copy of the game.

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(14:22) Wed, 19 Aug 09
A great one indeed
(12:13) Sat, 12 Sep 09
Genre: Aviation simulator
Format: Super NES
Review: A game with revolutionary 3D graphics for its time, Pilotwings is designed to give you a realistic, fun and challenging experience of several forms of flying. Each level takes the form of a number of lessons or tests, all conducted by one of 4 witty instructors. The dynamics of flying make this title frustrating at times but it's so good that you'll keep coming back for more until you get things right. An unmissable treat.
(15:30) Wed, 9 Sep 09
Quote: Optimusprime009: does it mean dat d 20plusses will cm 2 me or will cm 4rm me?
If you upload a rom title and write a review of around 50 words you will be given 20 pluses. smiley
(00:13) Sun, 6 Sep 09
Format: Super NES
Genre: Action RPG
Review: This epic role-playing adventure by Quintet will keep players enthralled for a long time. The story begins in the peaceful village of Crysta deep underground, the last remnant of civilization centuries after a cataclysmic battle on Earth. A disturbing turn of events one day leads a young warrior from the village on a quest to the mysterious towers nearby to save his friends, but little does he know the true journey that awaits him... A deep and moving story, great characters, finely balanced gameplay, rich variety of environments, and unforgettable music combine to offer one of the best and most underexposed RPGs of all time.
(15:10) Sat, 5 Sep 09
Castlevania - The New Generation
Format: Sega MegaDrive/Genesis
Genre: Platform adventure
The Castlevania saga moves into the early 20th century with this awesome Sega installment. Choose from two quite different vampire hunters, American John Morris armed with a traditional whip or Spanish Eric Lecarde who wields a trusty spear. As well as their individual fighting styles these weapons also lead to them taking seperate paths in certain levels, meaning you'll have to play through with both characters to see everything. The levels are set across Europe from the ruins of Castle Dracula in Romania to the Count's new seat of power in England. There are several whip/spear power-ups and expendable weapons such as axes, and even a special power for each character that targets all on-screen enemies. There are some stunning graphical effects in this game and well-animated characters and inventive bosses. Highly recommended.
(19:52) Mon, 24 Aug 09
The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons
Format: Game Boy Color
Genre: Overhead-view adventure.
Review: The classic Zelda series continues with these perfectly-designed handheld titles. Battle your way through two distinct overworlds and solve the mysteries of time and the elements to gain access to a multitude of dungeons, each full of monsters and devious puzzles. Only you as Link can restore peace and order to the land and defeat the dark antagonist! These games will keep you enthralled for days and are unmissable for anyone with a compatible mobile device.
(14:53) Wed, 19 Aug 09