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Classic games from the 8 and 16-bit eras will be uploaded here in zip format along with a mini review for each title. These games are suitable for playing on any PC (visit http://emulator-zone.com) or on smartphones with the correct emulator (check page 2 for Kriwil's guide to playing on Symbian phones).
Forum members may upload a new classic ROM along with a review of at least 50 words here for a reward of 20 pluses each time. smiley
Note: by downloading any ROM you affirm than you own an official copy of the game.

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Attached below are the most popular console emulators for Windows on your computer.
(14:22) Wed, 19 Aug 09
Chrono Trigger
Format: Super NES
Genre: RPG adventure
Review: This classic title is one of the best RPGs of all time. The story begins during a festival in a peaceful medieval kingdom, but adventure soon beckons when mysterious portals through time start to appear. Unlike many RPGs which have annoying random battles, in this game you can actually see the enemies on the field before you encounter them. This means you won't have to fight the same enemies again unless you revisit an area, and also that battles are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay while maintaining a traditional turn-based system. Each character has their own unique range of abilities which can be learned one at a time through experience. Better still, characters can combine some of their abilities during battle for even more powerful effects. A captivating experience in terms of graphics, sound, story, gameplay and challenge.
(15:21) Thu, 22 Oct 09
Metal Gear Solid
Format: Game Boy Colour
Genre: Stealth/action adventure
Anyone familiar with the famous Ps1 version of this game should feel right at home with this impressive portable version, which replaces the events of Shadow Moses island with its own story, settings and levels. The style of gameplay remains faithful however and you'll soon be busy sneaking past guards, completing missions, playing with an assortment of weapons, taking on badass mercenary bosses, and reading hours of dialogue involving intrigue and conspiracy (which you can skip if you want). Essential for all fans of the series.
(13:44) Tue, 13 Oct 09
This game still really nice to play.. smiley
(21:46) Sun, 4 Oct 09
Now lets try Nintendo game. Xtract the file to drive:/vampent/roms then use Vnes to play these games
Battle Tank.zip
(09:41) Sun, 4 Oct 09
Still for Gameboy Color. Action Games
Army Men 2 573kb
Army Men 564kb
Air Force Delta 337kb
Duke Nukem 601kb

(10:12) Thu, 1 Oct 09
Forget to mentioned, below r for Gameboy Color (*.gbc)
(10:00) Thu, 1 Oct 09
My weaknes, cnt watch a good topic disappear smiley
Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors
Dragon Ball Z: Goku 2

(09:16) Thu, 1 Oct 09
And these r Roms (games) for Gameboy Color. Legendary RPG games on Playstation. The Final Fantasy series.
(06:07) Sat, 26 Sep 09
Correction smiley not 'install' but move or extract the games files to that drive:/dirrectory
(05:32) Sat, 26 Sep 09
instal ROMS (games) at this order..
Nintendo: (*.nes)drive:Vampent/roms.
Mp4: (*.nes; mp4 compatible)drive:games/nes.
Super Nintendo: (*.smc)drive:Vampent/sfcroms.
Gameboy/color: (*.gb/*.gbc)drive:Vampent/gbroms.
Gameboy Advance: (*.gba)drive:Vampent/gbaroms

Find these emulators here
(05:29) Sat, 26 Sep 09
How cn i play these games?
Its easy, 1st u just have to download n install the emulator to ur phone. Vsun to play Super NES or Picodrive to play Sega Megadrive games. Vnes to play Nintendo games. Vbag/VbagX to play Gameboy Advance games n Vboy/Super Goboy to play Gameboy n Gameboy Color games. After that u cn download the games (usualy on *.zip files) n extract em to E:/emulator directory (xcept for Gameboy's games coz Vbag/Vboy/GoBoy cn read *.zip files directly)
(05:19) Sat, 26 Sep 09
Woho i got 2 karma smiley okay let me help a lil more. For members who already know then theres no problm, but those who havent know must be wondering 'what kind of stuffs is this?' lol. These are games. A console games. Imagine u play a Nintendo games or Sega games or Gameboy games on ur tiny winy cellphone!
(05:06) Sat, 26 Sep 09
Thanks for the awareness
(21:27) Tue, 22 Sep 09
COOL & nice

(02:13) Sat, 19 Sep 09
(07:11) Tue, 15 Sep 09