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Classic games from the 8 and 16-bit eras will be uploaded here in zip format along with a mini review for each title. These games are suitable for playing on any PC (visit http://emulator-zone.com) or on smartphones with the correct emulator (check page 2 for Kriwil's guide to playing on Symbian phones).
Forum members may upload a new classic ROM along with a review of at least 50 words here for a reward of 20 pluses each time. smiley
Note: by downloading any ROM you affirm than you own an official copy of the game.

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(14:22) Wed, 19 Aug 09
Pokemon Silver Version (gameboy color)
(05:21) Mon, 15 Feb 10
Pokemon Gold Version (gameboy color)
(05:18) Mon, 15 Feb 10
Pokemon Crystal Version (gameboy color)
(05:12) Mon, 15 Feb 10
theres no way im gona loose from u in game stuff smiley
Always on the best top 10 of Gameboy Color games, Pokemon series. Great RPG game. Begin ur adventure, colect more than 100 pocket monsters, including the legendary monster Ho-oh the fire phoenix n Gyarados the red dragon. Batle them n make ur pokemon evolve to stronger 1. Visit town by town, conquere every gyms to become the pokemon master
note: for Symbian phone can use Vboy or Super GoBoy to play this game on ur phone
(05:09) Mon, 15 Feb 10
Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World
Platform: Super NES
Genre: Platformer
The ultimate collection of classic Super Mario games, this is one package that will keep you busy for a long time. Included are the original Super Mario Bros, the sequel SMB2 (which was actually adopted into the series), the hugely popular SMB3 and the intensely challenging Lost Levels which plays like an expert version of the original game. All of the above have been given a complete graphical overhaul on the original NES versions, which is a real treat for anyone who's already played those. The SNES game Super Mario World is also included and is the icing on the cake. Unmissable for any fan of classic games.
(01:22) Sat, 13 Feb 10
Quote: pokluzity: do you have a sega rom?, for picodrive emulator?
The Castlevania rom in this topic is for Picodrive, I'll add another one soon.
(00:42) Wed, 30 Dec 09
Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3
Format: Super NES
Genre: Platformer
The famous ape of the video game industry was reborn as the hero of Donkey Kong Country, a ground-breaking platformer with lush backdrops and amazing animation, accompanied by music that's both fun and highly atmospheric. You take control of either Donkey Kong or his sidekick Diddy, each with their own characteristics, and can switch between them anytime assuming you have both. This buddy system essentially means you can survive one hit before losing a life. Gameplay is simple and fluid, and dealing with enemies is usually as simple as jumping on them or doing a roll attack. There are many different types though so not all are so easy. Two sequels followed with a number of enhancements and similar gameplay, new ape characters and hidden levels. Later stages get pretty inventive and require speed and quick reflexes, so don't be led into a false sense of security by the earlier levels. Overall these are 3 of the best platform games you're ever likely to play.
(01:09) Sat, 26 Dec 09
Thers no place lik 2wapworld. Tenks 4 al d games, ragnorak

(02:16) Wed, 23 Dec 09
and wher i can download that roms?
(23:20) Mon, 21 Dec 09
do you have a sega rom?, for picodrive emulator?
(23:18) Mon, 21 Dec 09
Is this topic already death...?
(12:08) Sat, 19 Dec 09
I like castelvania's game
(08:37) Sun, 15 Nov 09
Gargoyle's Quest II
Format: NES
Genre: Platform adventure/RPG
Review: Following the cult success of the Game Boy original (included below as a bonus), Firebrand returns in one of the last and best titles to be released for the Nintendo NES. All the action takes place in 4-way scrolling platform levels, each full of monsters and obstacles. What sets Gargoyle's Quest apart from the rest is Firebrand's attributes: wings which allow him to fly briefly and claws that let him cling to the side of walls. This makes for some fairly inventive level design that would certainly be a problem for Mario or Mega Man. Firebrand tackles enemies with a fire projectile that can be upgraded during the game like his other abilities. Aside from the action there is also an overhead-view RPG side to the game, but this is really just a nice way of unfolding the story. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!
(18:00) Wed, 11 Nov 09
Quote: Kriwil: Question! Is that Chrono Trigger is the same game as Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross on PSX/PS1?
Chrono Cross is the sequel, the original was also rereleased on the Ps1 though.
(17:49) Wed, 11 Nov 09
Question! Is that Chrono Trigger is the same game as Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross on PSX/PS1?
(08:08) Wed, 4 Nov 09