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Lets share horrorific stories related with our life..
(18:29) Thu, 8 Aug 19
Sad stories. Thanks for sharing. I understand that when you open up your heart to share such stories, it gives you Abit of relief. And not that you are looking for help but you want to be listened to. Many people are stressed out there because they don't share their sad stories.
(06:01) Fri, 9 Aug 19
Meri kahani..

This thing started with me in 2012, when I met with an accident..
Road was empty and I was riding bike at an speed of 75 to 80 km/h, when suddenly I lost my control and fall from the bike.
My bike was almost 30 to 40 mtrs away from me and I survived that accident.
But the creapiest part was that just a sec before accident I felt chills at my neck like someone was sitting at pillions seat.

Luckily i did not get any any kind of wounds or scratches just my shirt got damaged.

Second instance..

In the same year 2012 during monsoon second instance happen with me..

This time I was travelling in a bus from my college to home. My stop was about to come so I went to the door so that I can get down first. The bus driver was driving bus at a high speed and all of a sudden he take a left and then straighten the steering wheel which made the door open with a jerk and l was completely out of the bus.

Creapiest part was, when I was falling down from the bus i found that someone hold my hand and made me hold the bus iron rod within a fraction of second but there was no one standing next to me and i didnt get to know who hold my hand .. Due to this i survived the fatal accident, only my legs were touching the road as i keep on holding the iron rod very hardly.
Luckily I again didnt get any wounds or scratches ..

But when bus stop i faint out on the road and had a small weird dream in which i saw that i was dead and my body is lying on a empty road and in sky there are vultures.

And same thing i started seeing in my dreams (which haunted me for almost 2 years) too, that i am dead and my body is lying on a lonely place where i am seeing a black shadow taking my soul and vultures are tearing my flesh apart n eating my eyes.
(19:01) Thu, 8 Aug 19