ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
ava Maryam: Tong Ting smiley
ava krack: Ting Tong smiley
I am lookin for the pieces of my broken heart
Just wonderin from where should i start
I have hurt the hearts of all my dears
And now am tryin to wipe those frozen tears

When will my eyes stop bleeding?
My heart has now stopped pleading
Seeking happiness for me is a sin
As i see the face of defeat in front of me grin

The strokes of those words made me dumb
The tears that i drank made me numb
The celebrations and joys are to me dreary
Those moments of happiness now make me weary

The flowers no longer seem to be smiling
The symphony now seems to be whining
The rain seems to be tears from the sky
Every joyous thing in this world seems about to die

Forlorn seems that beautiful dream
Pain and defeat now runs in my blood stream
In this moment of darkness alone i stand
Just wishing someone could hold my hand
(22:41) Sat, 25 Nov 17
"And now am tryin to wipe those frozen tears"
Nice line. But frozen couldn't be wiped, but they could be swallowed up again.
(04:30) Sat, 7 Sep 19