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by Elizabeth
Last night as I lay sleeping, love,
A vision came to me.
It was of you and I, my love,
A wondrous sight to see.

And in the dream I had, my love,
I reached and touched your face
I clasped your hand in mine, my love,
And felt your warm embrace.

I pressed my lips to yours, my love,
To taste your kiss so sweet
You held me for a minute, love,
In this moment that did fleet.

I wakened from the dream, my love,
With a thought of you that stayed
With me throughout the day, my love,
And never once did fade.
(21:22) Fri, 22 Apr 11
(06:51) Fri, 9 Aug 19
so sweet smiley
(00:19) Sun, 7 Jul 13
hmmmm gud dream. . . . . . .
(02:40) Thu, 4 Jul 13
I'm insomaniac so i dnt knw hw it feels...
(17:01) Tue, 2 Jul 13
hmmmm sweet dreams
(16:59) Tue, 2 Jul 13
Hmmm with these I can sleep well smiley
(13:14) Sat, 29 Jun 13
Sweet dreams best.smiley..
Dolphin topic...
(23:17) Fri, 22 Apr 11