ava bLaCk666: Sup world
ava Maryam: huh me smiley
ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
I'm gonna skool y'all here.

All new mceez that doesen't know how to use the flows,punches,metaphores/similes,multies etc should learn here.
Also there shall be some battle links posted here that will y'all learn more and apply 'em.
To all judges,please take note.

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(17:14) Sun, 17 Sep 06
This Library contains links of great battles that have been fought by great Mcees.

* Resphanto vs Jamolus

* Shaev7 vs SpectralflameZ

* Askari vs Jamolus

* Black_List3d vs Resphanto

* Shaev7 vs Black_List3d(Legend War)

* Underground vs HNIC7

* SpectralflameZ VS Jamolus

* Pskopad vs HNIC7

* Resphanto vs Ouch


* RaW-N-dIaBoLIcAl vs Spektralflamez [Raplordz]

* Askari vs Jamolus [Raplordz]

* Xtr3m3 _4 _3 va vs Spektralflamez [Raplordz]

* Shaev7 vs Spektralflamez [Raplordz]

* Shaev7 vs Resphanto [Raplordz FINAL]

(14:01) Sun, 16 Jan 11
Thatz all da categoryz ( I Think) Tipz: use /forward slash/ to separate ya linez and CAPITAL LETTERZ to show ya multies easily and (bracketz) 2 explain ya wordplay and EXPO postz afta ya verse 2 explain any hard aspectz of ya rapsmiley
(18:13) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Similez and metaphorz like in poetry, dey an essential part of rappin. If ya do dem right, ya verse got sound ill like DAMN. I've heard a couple of goodz one eg. like skool kidz on monday morning, ya only pretendin 2 be sick or beef, i'm servin it bad like lazy domestic workery and I'll put a nine to ya back like Wayne Rooney datz very basic but dey tight. Jus use dem right and use them 2 punch
(18:07) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Multies is simply rhymin more than jus tha last syllablez. It really boostz ya flow. eg. his PALMS ARE SWEATY/ kneez weark, ARMZ ARE HEAVY/ therez vomit on his sweater already MOMS SPAGHETTI/ hez nervous, but on the surface he lookz CALM ARE READY/ datz from Lose Yourself. If ya look closely, all da last 3 syllablez rhyme. Maybe not simple rhymin, but if ya say it fast, it rhymez smiley
(17:59) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Then therez Personalz datz usin ya opponentz personal info against him. It can from dey profile, somethin dey posted or jus somethin ya kno bout dem. Like if ya opponent livez in Zimbabwe, ya can diss da financial situation there
(17:48) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Next up Nameplay also self-explanatory. Nameplay is a lot like wordplay, but ya use ur opponentz name. ie. Hostyl (Hoe -style) Jenk~o (Jenk-Hoe) illskillz (lilskillz) sir2 (2ris aka Tourist) DopeMC ( RopeMC) Try it out also and use it 2 support ya punchez (of course some of them twist in punchez on dey own like Hostyl (Hoe-style) and Jenk~o (Jenk~Hoe ) or Lookm@n (Lookf@g) and otherz ya gotta support wit punchez like sir2 (2ris aka Tourist)
(17:44) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Next up is Wordplay self explanatory basicly really. Ya play round wit wordz. Ya twist, edit or add to a word 2 diss ya opponent (coz punchez should be support by all categoryz) eg. i 4got da exact line but it was sumthin lyk itz a MISUNDERSTANDING like a lesbian agreement/ (miss understanding) by Jenk~o (a tru MC) GET IT play wit wordz
(17:34) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Secondly Flow is just dat FLOWIN. Very simple, but y'all cant do datsmiley Flow is done by rhymin but also by keepin ya linez closely equal in length. eg. it goes UNSAID, ya chose 2 be DEAD Try it out
(17:24) Sun, 17 Sep 06
Letz start wit da basicz. Punchlinez are da most essential componentz of battle rappin. This is basically dissin ya opponent, but be original smiley eg. Votez? Ya dont get ^Nun ^ just like the ^pope^/ Sound Simple? Well wait until ya gotta mix ya punchez wit da other categoryz
(17:18) Sun, 17 Sep 06