ava bLaCk666: Sup world
ava Maryam: huh me smiley
ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
Is all about who's the best,who think he got the wing to fly high to the sky and become king of rap...take a bold step..
(10:01) Fri, 24 Aug 18
Here is mine
Try to tell u many times
u dont listin to me
many times i try to find
we be trying to meet
now i kinda know
we aint going to be lovers so live with it
joke with it
deal with it
go with it
run with it
joke with it
i dont care no prob
u aint going with me
(21:21) Tue, 26 Oct 21
I just found out your dad was gay, today was a good day!
(09:23) Mon, 24 Sep 18
I just can't comprehend what you saying/
but I guess your brain is decaying/or your pen was probably fuched up playing/
you talk about high rise/ you are up there thinking am high/if my venom hits you, it got no cure/so better go back to your momas womb, while your dad get his testes diagnosed for furk/

hey son. go back to the lab.
(09:22) Mon, 24 Sep 18
I Can't be beefing with no wag nigger,i got my tiz off jxt stop the F word pulling the damn trigger,
(19:16) Mon, 27 Aug 18
i got cash with ma NIGGAS_flipping through the worl with no GAS.
(13:06) Mon, 27 Aug 18
She suck my d!ck SLACK_i can't be beefing with a BLACK_nigger,wu she got the pussy fire,so man dnt LACK_we fuc em n RACK
(11:08) Sat, 25 Aug 18
she lemme fuc as we GROW_dis b!tch suck this d!ck she HOLD_ she dnt want hardcore so i gv SLOW_we fuc dat pusi in a ROW.
(11:04) Sat, 25 Aug 18
They tink de got wat it takes to be a RAPPER_i got my self a sheet jxt to smoke the WRAPPER(weed)i fuc them in a TAPPER.
(09:44) Sat, 25 Aug 18
we feck as we go,living a damn DUTCH_u neva got beta like the damn CLUTCH_i got this b!tches yellin ma name as Dey FLUSH
(21:48) Fri, 24 Aug 18
I got money on ma BRAIN_money on mind,i got money i got CHAIN_jxt twerk down to the real MAIN_
(18:29) Fri, 24 Aug 18
Yo you got to watch ya back for the DEAD MAN_you watch ya d!ck like a DEAD RAM_ .smoke.
(10:06) Fri, 24 Aug 18