ava Smarty: What virus causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome? (3 chars)
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to saahir for the correct answer.
ava saahir: Quasimodo
The Heralds of Extreme Punchlinez. Here you Keep posting your bars here until we pick a battle. Its going to be an endless battle so feel free to hit on anyone, you either Kill or get Killed so Slay the weaklings and brawl until mama calls cos its time to choose who will be qualified to battle for "2WAP REVOLUTIONARY RAP LORD" This Novermber, where every winner gets a New Prize (Prizes are going to be disclosed by the Admins)

So get into the Beef kitchen, cook your bars and Give your best shot with Metaphores, Word plays, Name plays, Smilies, Rhymes, Punchlinez, Multies. No hard feelings.

All Mcees should register by dropping multiple verses until a battle is picked. This is how it works,

1. Pick on anyone you wanna battle by dissing him/her in your verse.

2. Mcees are going to be selected from here based on multiple winnings to battle in the forth coming 2WAP REVOLUTIONARY RAPBATTLE. This Novermber, its gonna be a hell of a Ride.

Note: Invite other Mcees from outside 2wap through social media platforms to come battle with the Illiest and Sickest. See 2wap group on Facebook for more details.

Welcome to the Revolution of 2wap Rapbattlez.
(07:18) Thu, 28 Jul 16
Yo yo Ayo.... I digg b!tch and dig down the hoe freaks Heart Nigga/real thug in the street with red berets on gathered by Militaries whos got my Back Nigga?/am no scared of death cos of Death Nigga/so the hole I dig is beneath your hoes Skirt Snitcher/on the billboard all over the streets is your Death Sticker/obituary written in caligraphy to beautify the Funeral rights/my raps now will come in hieroglyphics so just to blind your eyes/I ain done yet, I will be done when am done phuckin this freakie whoreee/I'll be back in a min take out ya mouth outa my d1ck lemme take my cuties Call
(12:52) Sun, 2 Oct 16
Now lemme drop a punch from the Line Nigga, I let my gun seek while you Hide Nigga, say no to peace because it's just the trigger and the Middle Finger, ressy build this bar so since I'm in bitch it's captioned Danger, and I'm about to convert this verses into an Album, feck with mine and get death like an Outcome, even if I run with my dick you still can't have me Outrun... You dig Bitch, dig Deep like a fecked Snitch, stop Tripping, any mistakes can get your body Leaking, it can start from the bars that I'm Spitting, fecking freak
(22:02) Wed, 21 Sep 16
Now this shxt just got a serious tune...let see the next from the best truck loads of xhyperians dropping soon.. Don't try to dexhyper my line cos it crack skulls..leakages of your brain pours.. I killed myself last night cos I ain't da one talking..so why da hell are ya'll struggling...//
(09:18) Sun, 4 Sep 16
Am the packet of Destruction/I bomb this zone in just one line of Beat-portion/cynical lines made me. had clinical rhymes, No ink in my pen and no lines on the paper/my lines are buried 70000 feet down tha cemetary,you wanna confirm his death, go dig tha grave Later!//

Dont forgot to use ya Spade...
(18:13) Wed, 31 Aug 16
I put my middle finger up and the word got Fucked, in the middle of my lines some niggas got Stucked, I bet y'all never seen a Monster^Bleed, I'm the Yung Nigga that perform like a Mustard^Seed, ask your mother she smoke my dick like her Miraculous Weed, then I restored her pussy like an Abandoned Ship, OK, whats the name of this forum fuck I don't even Know, the battle keeps revolving and bitch I'm bout to Blow, take heed and don't get Blind like the Window, I can write off your family with my dick n leave you mama a Widow, I saw a different person in the Mirror, so don't come trying to be a Hero, they said its a cold world so I made my self a Hell, I spit steel bars cuz I still feel like I'm in Jail, I hate being followed that's why I killed my own Shadow, I haven't started my stories n I'm getting a Bravo, in the end I come out like El Chapo, I don't have a Problem but Problem have Me, I'm the only Nigga you should solve before becoming a Beast,
(12:17) Wed, 31 Aug 16
These Thugs// ain gettin it I wanna dispose them like old Rugs// phuck dem bitches Jugs// am no type of a pretyy girly sh1t I phuck real Whores!// This is another session of the Villain/about to get down the chopper and begin the real deal/Am the rap Messaih in this zone, get your bible and lets begin the Preachin/quit phuckin and dont git low^ sperm count/amma be hurtin every soul here with my whole^ damn lines/dont act like you dont know Cuz this sh1ts So^ clear swine/multies unexpected, pick up my phone/start to type and drop these rhymes straight to Choke/yall neck and burn yall and smoke the Ashes/I kill without remorses and stab punks with Plastics/In tha school of hard-knock I topped tha G-classess/am too ill that my Case dont got medical description/on my white shirt is "No Conscience, Kills for fun" inscription/when people spot me from a distance, they take another direction/I shot an old 45-colt and got killed by my bullet/I killed a priest with a Jesus christ golden Locket/I was arrested for my felonies and locked up in 300L bucket/phucked up in there but I got inspired and wrote lots of Villainous nuggets/something like "kill the next guy to get what you want"/and "never you take permission from a chick if you wanna phuck"/if you down with me, put your middle finger in the air and just phuck the world!

Its the Villain!
(16:33) Mon, 29 Aug 16
Am the villain by the devils law/whatever I do, I do it with War/Whatever I eat, I eat em Raw/rap carts dont come close to me cuz they get killed by smell of my body infested with thick Sores/I dont phuck earth b1tches, I pimp satanic Whoores/my punchlines hits like Alis Words/I got metaphores sharper than clamydia Swords/my rhymes runs faster than a Horse/and my lines are corny than a Fox/If you ain phuck, how you gona see your Cumz?/if you were not born, theres no Mum/my lifes full of metaphysical activities outa this World/am a clairvoyant human with tha mic on Stage, backed up by Thugs/you toil your whole life without money and cursed the day you were Born/I couldnt have disvirgined myself if I hadnt phucked that Nurse/right from my birth, in life thats what I ever did thats Worse/you can imagin a day old baby phuckin a Nurse/thats not insane in the eyes of my god/so if you think you ain Sh1t, better listen to this Words/cuz I still remain the Villain made by the devils Laws!/

(09:25) Fri, 26 Aug 16
Thunderz and lightenin, dead bodies lay down on tha street dead/I used a blue pen to write these rhymes, but tha Ink spills Red/niggaz that fron got em blood shed/the streets not funny/parents runnin/kids cryin in search of their mummy/gun battles pop pop in the sky, its the sound of 2wap Most Dangerous Mceez Comin/Tanks, APCs, artilleries muderin souls to Carcass its for Revolutionary Journy/am on the move with my clipz on for tha battle whos ready to Join me/its a death tour my system already adapted to it/if you dont move somethn, somethn is gon make you move it/grab your bag of weapon follow me to life journy and se how we been throught it/sustain yourself with whats around dont gv a phuck even if u puke it/never relent even if you feel you loose it/fight till the end and make sure you not snoozin/its time for Uhuru, where the rest Mceez At?/I kill to be greater than the next guy best Believe That/So better watch yo back and never think your true dawg s gon help you With That/my Multiez sure from where it be either East to West you gotta be feeling That!
(09:43) Tue, 16 Aug 16
We kilin it/we digin it/hommie Ressy dicks wet he gota get pissin it/am in the cemetary diggin it/my lipz slippery like am kissin it/that poossy hole feels like soup am licking it/I play fakazz rapaz in ds pitch am kickin it/this is jus a Sunay Homily am no Priest bt am Preachin it/am on the road like GTA am driftin it/lets get on stage and lets begin tha Dissin-in
(18:55) Sun, 14 Aug 16
Mic testing... check 1...2...
ya I'm jamolus... back, lock and ready to load...
mic testing.... tested.... and ok.
(17:18) Sun, 14 Aug 16
Speak more/Spit more/just wanna kill more/ souls make feeing Awesome/i gat battle axe to split skulls/horny bitches waiting to get fecked/I dream while am awake guess I see things clear/Shaev on the move are these nigga scared?/relaxing on my back bone waiting for one em' scape goats to dare/I need blood El-Jay let's roll some heads/feck Jacki the bitch thought she was talking to a Ned/cos ama rip her ass out and shuffle it under my bed/rap gat no rules even 2wap couldn't ammend/feck you and you thinking am here for just for fun/ask Jamo my eyes always on d cheese a lot talks to do on my phone/I wanna be straight cos soon ya'll be hitting the headlines/BWT! suck my dick ma cum spoilt the mic but In the meantime/have got words drowling down my mouth who want to die^nasty/my guts kills emotion and drops panties/

I just feel like playing words. Testing the mic on level 1.

(16:34) Sat, 13 Aug 16
I begin todays session with the holy Trinity/if you wanna get ill go listen to NWAs tape till Infinity/Am bcked 24/7 by the Holy Spirit/I dont need you to wish me well, I behold my Lyrics/this game all I smell now is Snitch/I woke up and couldnt find my phuckin d1ck/was stolen by a rap witch/spawn on spider webs hells knows shes gona get phuckd by my d1ck wt her cus shes b1tch/all names mentioned cant see anyone in tha Stage/guess hommies got scared when they sight me frm a high-Range/cant stand my charges hidden in Vault-Age(voltage)/amma be dissin any sucka rappin back-Stage/am half dead, so am no stranger to Danger/am not Jesus, bt I was born in a Manger/saw two sheepz bangin em-selves and d other sucking a big Tits/my head is full of maggots who wanna feast/where tha hell is Jamo/I can see him been whopped by men in Carmo/Middle finger to any sissy that comes in here to battle me tha Villain/Cos all yall wanna drop cant be better than T-Pain!

(13:06) Sat, 13 Aug 16
Ayo Ayt... Lemme take a liquor to cancerate my heart/I need to die quick cos my existence was proved extreemly dangerous on earth/in my rap-circuit punkaz go electrocuted by earth/the worlds spinning like 8 Ballz/so in my dreamz I spit like MJG and while you rap like Akon/punkaz cant stand my heat/I generate 1million dB punchlinez while on the beat/they never gon see your earz attached to you head/cos my barz ripped em off while you fucckin with Rap Death/am tha King Original crowned by ODB(Old Dirty Bastard)/I couldnt help it without killin cos my title came witha O-Tripple-G/damn puzzies I sniff Coke All day/I dont even give a F cos I kill n Porn All Gays/remember my lil hommie got raped by Justine (Justine Bieber)/thats why he was gon be raped as well by Gordy (King Gordy)/this rhymes are unfathommable so be careful whiler trying to Study/am so it was to late you came in I forced a 95 yr old man to rap your 25 yr old Mummy/I get sexually satisfied when I fuccck grand-mothers/and hate I to drive carz that ain Land Rovers/I got the power to resist death/Remember me? I dont just gve a Fuccck if today am gon regret/But I say F u too if u refuse to let go of my hair net/am just to sick on this lines, I need some Dripz/like Shady and Obie fucckin Chickenz with no Ribz/incase you dont remember me Its Shaev7 tha Raven that still stopz suckaz from entering Heaven!

Its tha Villain...
(04:05) Sat, 6 Aug 16
Its time to place tha knife on my Chest/punkaz dont cry cuz am da agent of Death/I kill witout reason get reincarnated ain no rebirth/Am no human, am spiritual Rapist/Ima b bangn any thn dat walk and gv birth to a Rap Beast/monster with tha Mic get all men layed deaf down tha Rap Beat/ths sht I drop is not a portion of threat in this Vibe/bt how am gona revolutionize tha thread and eat rapperz alive/am stil da Villain not Ren in ds Dyke/straight thuggn and fukd puzzies lyke Eric Wright/gang men all tha way took a klose hommie like Dre young bro Tyree/never fucck wt d fingerz like sch kidz does wt Crinshaw Blood Mafia in tha bus wt O Shea Jackson/ths sht abt to get uncomprensible like no Ink in tha Pen and no lines on tha Paper/am not talkin to my Diary like Dre am dressed on wt N.W.As Raider/let the hommiez com in in lets get tha Punch In/no time to cook rhyme I eat em And like em Crunchy/Never take anythn for granted esp tha life of a G/keep it real and you will see what it feels like to keep a G/am a Kila wtout Remorse in my heart/so never let your gloc stuck when you wanna pul da trigger on this Cart!

Its tha Villain!
(09:43) Fri, 5 Aug 16
I run this shit//four five in a heat//they ride for Shaev7/yall n!ggaz ain dope, yall n!ggaz ain real//you dont wanna take flash back to Nine Eleven/bring it on if you want you yall will know tha artillery size I have got like tha Raven/this ain Cashis, am Pistol playin watchin where the victim-layed/we coming through like Guevara layin low like tha Villain/Am still in tha Kitchen cookin these rhyme with Stove/its time to reload this reload this old 45 colt/Its time to revolutionized this Zone/in a minute I will b with yall lemme take a smoke a dope/
(16:28) Tue, 2 Aug 16