ava zugzwang: SANTA KA WIRELESSS
ava Shivam4537825467: Good morning friends
whos up for this game.500 plus winner takes all.i win ill give 100 pluses.so its a win win battle here.juz wanna give a shot on my old rusty vocabs.chiao
(09:34) Wed, 14 Jan 15
yea I can see you back/ but you outa track/
cant rem you knockin me out in a batl rap/
so y u spit wack shxt n nid a clap?/
oh I rem 55cent/
that poor kid cnt aford his. 20dolls rent/
wtf! still ya welcom back/
jus tak a nap on ur dres rag whil u watch me rap/
relax n giv u ur belt n watch yaself beat u/
got urself chockd up wt spoon whil ya tryin ta feed yu/
wher u been thru?/
heaven or hell? Ask rAw n diabolical while he ate yu/
nw its ur carcass n no nid to listen/
i even laff to peacein/
so amazin lik Milliam bck in 08 whos brain is missin/ guess no grave digger else is gonna b ur grave b diggin/

I wonder wat dy gon see... lol -laughs-
welcom bck chump.
(00:11) Sun, 15 Mar 15
shxt does happen .
(00:09) Sun, 15 Mar 15
Where y'all at
(00:20) Tue, 10 Mar 15
Just playing around.. cya suckers
(22:16) Sat, 7 Mar 15
Talk about this rap zone
Niggas be acting tough without a backbone
How come you fools get those phones?
It's a bigger question than "how long Pac will be mourned"
You couldn't right me if I'd be wrong
Because your brains left your body-home
My punches go up n your jaws go down
And then I middle a hit to have your teeth biting grounds
(22:15) Sat, 7 Mar 15
I'm back sheav still up in here/u still spiting shxt thru the mouth boy u ain't gone make it like will smith rap career/I'm back to murder wat I left half dead these zombies/made these niggas my bitch back in 08 like Egyptian mummies/
(04:16) Thu, 5 Mar 15
immortal wurdz of wisdom seekin a possible soul for possession been on d road a few of us still represent tho some mofo b claimin top-doq if i qat a whip ama floq d blazn life outta ya u life aint worth a sinqle punch of ma finqaz on ma keypad ryt nw if nt u wud hv been frozen cryogenically no mercy z wat am pourin on enemies ur life z a fuccn mistake am lyrical projectile set to xplode chemistry z ma aura i touch a pregnant bitch make her qive birth to a dead child so fucc ur ur mother i wil punch ur mothafuccn face in
(19:40) Sat, 14 Feb 15
Good and you? Wah Zahhening!
(08:04) Mon, 9 Feb 15
Quote: bLaCk_LiSt3d: 500 pluses if ur win.u lose 100 pluses?onz?if ur put pm me

Keep ya 500 pluses polished
(20:53) Sat, 7 Feb 15
yea I rem that kid b.L/
good to see you back from hood this year/
rem tha rap contest? who do you see here?/
non but fools spits drool sh*t here/
like Em back to 80's with N.W.A/
b1tches ain scarce, Y men source for new gay?/
reacting to the Zone/
I ain nevr gon be de-throne/
got prawns around my teritory, no Checkmate/
if ya hoes too loose, ya gon b my Sex-mate/
Tha sky ain my Limit/
this is no toy, no gimmick/
yo b.L tel em what time-it-is/
cus am comin to cause this hoes some athritis/
my puff outa my maryjane fills the atmosphere with cloud/
if you ain decypherin, jus get the f out/
still tha villain repin tha whole house!

(20:46) Wed, 4 Feb 15
Quote: Raputation:
done, what's the bet?
500 pluses if ur win.u lose 100 pluses?onz?if ur put pm me
(08:49) Mon, 19 Jan 15
Quote: Resphanto: hmmm....
hey dude.sup?
(08:48) Mon, 19 Jan 15
Quote: bLaCk_LiSt3d: lolokolololkololol.if ur up for it battle in a new topic .im weak so why not i give u 100 pluses.LOK

done, what's the bet?
(19:10) Sun, 18 Jan 15
(03:37) Sun, 18 Jan 15
Guys you got some good sh*t
(13:20) Fri, 16 Jan 15