ava THE_SPEAR_KING: Old user reunion smiley
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: smiley
ava RezaMoody: Good morningsmiley
Yessmiley u read right.I'm bored and I need atleast and I emphasize on ATLEAST 2 ppl to make me get off my comfort zone.if you think you got it then get at me,I want a handicap,this site is filled with lames(I still don't know how it happened so quick) but that's why I'd rather battle two ppl or more at a time.step up or fuck outa here-annoyed-and no spammin in my thread,get in to accept da challenge or get out,SIMPLE! I'm lookin forward to battlin any1
(18:27) Thu, 19 Jun 14
Aftermath & PyroManiac i need one of yall blood on d hell desert let the battle begin.... If u agree with Pyro.
(17:48) Sun, 13 Jul 14
Ayt pyro m wif ya! Let's put ds cunt in da deepest abyss
(12:49) Wed, 2 Jul 14
ayt. Lets do this. Done wit wastin time on raputation. Since u th chalenger Imma let u go 1st. Hw bwt 2posts each 3days per post?
(08:27) Tue, 24 Jun 14