ava DecentBoy: Message in english please smiley
ava DecentBoy: Message in another language is forbidden in the shot box smiley
ava suraj24: Oh nice Yaha pe Gujarati Hindi language me msg hote hai
Clinch...clinch... splash!!! splash!!!!
The remaing brand in the sand of lost hopes/ Am taking The_Last_Stand in this grand coast of boast n dopes/ You waved this place without a last salute/ I won't do it,just cuz of past disputes/ It deserves atleast a bullet fired in the air,and a silence of mutes/ A song of sorrow,which you borrow,or copy,with a sound of flutes/ Laugh Haha! Cry Mama! or do fucking what u want/ Yes it's dead,u murdered it,Now demand a monument/ Pussies come N go, Recycle,use N throw/But these kids never grow/ Critics of my flow,haters of my rhymes,never show - up in the public,Infronta republic,just bullshxt they throw/ My mind has grey-genes(jean grey) I drink J-beer(Xavier)/ Whenever rap is in danger I'm the savior/ I don't file cases yet I can suesmileyman(Superman)/ I statically do what statistically a force of thermal can/ Beyond me there is no universe/ I change dimensions with a thought,travel time in reverse gears/ God decides who deserves,So hold ut nerves/ God choose me,Yo bitch excuse me,I'm a Music bomb u can't diffuse me/ Get da fuck outta my way when I walk/ I'm writting ur future on ur life-board
with my chalk/ My rhymes will give u a feel of hurricane tides/ My flow will blow ur strategies,murder ur blurry brain rides/ You'll become a busted man given insane diets/ My every punch will crunch ur thoughts as ur facing a train lights/ Imma be baddest,maddest & a killer/ Ruin ur life & rhymes with a filler/ Make ur peaceful life a thriller/ Take ur eyes out with a driller/ Torcher u until u don't tap the ground/ knock u out instead,U fall hard,I enjoy the sound/ Keep put or be killed/ The boss is here & the reputation is build...! mothrfuckrrs"""!! smiley
(17:21) Tue, 10 Sep 13
Quote: NIGHT_ANGEL: smiley

Are u Saggitarius?
(17:39) Sun, 19 Jan 14
(14:58) Sun, 19 Jan 14
Before you fuck around my "Nation" U gotta "Nomi" (Know me) well
I'm the 8th haven (Heaven) You wanna show me hell?
You can't get a W before L (WL) For that you gotta KO me well (CO-WL)
Cuz I reverse tested it OK while all these posts below me FAILED
I got radium bars in glowing jails
Locked up my fate with a flowing chain
You won't notice my tears even if i walk slow in rain
And my mind is always open like emergency windows in trains!!
(11:01) Thu, 2 Jan 14
I'm a shelf in myself,I don't go by the book/ That's why I got up to take this last stand I took/ The scenario is all dried up, by the looks/ All shoulders are down but mines are stood/ This is the area where we failed, What's the use of 'Share Tweet Email'?/ The list goes long but I ain't got time for that/ What I say & do Ppl ain't got a spine for that!
(20:26) Sun, 15 Dec 13
Quote: destinykes: i Want a challenge

Bring it on!
(09:11) Sun, 29 Sep 13
i Want a challenge
(23:57) Sat, 28 Sep 13
What a fool you're
You don't even think before you say
Why dont you keep your mouth shut
And start to pray
I don't even have a clue why you're here
Whatever shxt you're posting
My dick would be least to care
If you dare to remain I seize you here
And release a series of dumbass on you
Tease you Freeze you though deceased you were
So beware,My envy would be severe!
(16:18) Wed, 25 Sep 13
(07:14) Wed, 25 Sep 13
bring types topic
(15:32) Sun, 22 Sep 13
.haha don't kw.
(15:31) Sun, 22 Sep 13
The bell rings again I call it rebelling/ Lion outta sleep cattles yelling/ An indian giving life to battles Niggas failing/ Rapzone murdered by mods News selling/ It said bye bye to the bragging birds/ Swagger nerds gone tracking herds/ Illiterates come often though lacking words/ Rebellion is the only one Who's backing yet/ The lone ranger remains after the finishing swipe/ My verses fishing in dissing pond Niggas just kissing pipe/ I'm missing old days they wishing gals hoe type/ As soon as I begin they already FINISHED/ When my glow prevails their shine go DIMINISHED/ This is the time to shut this graveyard down/ Order has come for the place which a brave lord own/ Assume me the last guardian of this abroad town/ And throw the mud when the deads moan YEAH!
(14:51) Sat, 21 Sep 13