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Don't delete dis THREAD/or u wilL b biting d finga dat is givin u BREAD/lets do dis 4 GOD or ALLAH/whateva name u call him just show respect n HOLLA/praise him all d time don't just focus on gettin DOLLAR/i thank God 4 dis New-DAY/no fightin as he brought us joy n happiness by not makin 2day a ^May-DAY^(war day)/wit d sun shining brightly but not a Sunny-DAY/2day is ~Monday~ Eas^ter^day but ^yes^ter^day was SUN^DAY/i c 2day as a cool DAY/so i have every reason 2 praise GOD/i showed my appreciation by acceptin Christ as my savoir n LORD/during diss time tragedy may bring death n OBSTACLES/but d things u believe ~impossible~ are d things God uses 2 do MIRACLES/so don't worry about d pain i bring cos wit God all things are POSSIBLE/n i thank him 4 creating n makin me so LYRICAL/please don't be ma enemy afta our BATTLE/yes my flow so poisonous cos lyk rattle-snake i RATTLE/datz y i bring weak ones up by battlin n guiding em as if they're CATTLE/no matter wat u face facin me lets keep-up wit one luv cos rap battle is all FUN/i try ma best 2c dat d lights don't go off by turnin d switch ON/so if u luv rap n u are a real nigga hit d karma datz an ACE/show appreciation 2 wat real niggaz are doin b4 u EMBRACE/stay dumb about alienation but talk about human-RACE/cos seeing all these beautiful pple in 2wap n d world entire u will under^stand y am givin God all d PRAISE/i was once seen as an orphan wit nobody 2 RAISE/pls stop seekin hell bro n stop being DAFFY/grow-up cos i don't use fake i.d i've explained 2u n JACKI/i appreciate d gud work y'all are doin it's not ~easy~ datz wat i told ALEBI/
(18:28) Mon, 1 Apr 13
With jah by my side,i gat no WORRIES/
i am so rich as fuck,i gat a box full of diamond JEWELLIERS/
this is just a freestlye so don't bear any GRUDGES/
2wap used to be an island,but now my lyrics is creating BRIDGES/
i am addicted to rap,i gat no time for BITCHES/
i am a hustler,all i need is fame and RICHES/
All i do is win,i am a WINNER/
my only battle is against sin,i am a holy SINNER/
i pray for God to help me right my WRONG/
and keep me young and STRONG/(amen)
thats ernest my PRAYER/
i am the game itself,not just a PLAYER/
i keep my cool and avoids STRESS/
always playing by the rule,to avoid getting into a MESS,
i am so ambitious,i never settle for LESS/
started from the bottom,but now the top is my ADDRESS/
and now all my doubters say i dey IMPRESS/
shhh..can you keep a secret?..
i feed on bloody dishes(disses),i am a MONSTER/
i confronts my fears and foes cos i am not a COWARD/
there is no going back,the only way is FORWARD/

wow i am loving this/
it is obvious that i am killing this/
so just hit karma if you are feeling this/
i am out peace!!!
(22:25) Tue, 2 Apr 13
Ma homie Trag(edy) thumbs up 4 diz One

i cant stop thankin God 4 dis Day/i mean 4rm d day i was born he has been blessin me like everyday is ma Birthday/a gud family, friends n niggaz in 2wap/dnt knw bout the Compass until phanto showd me d road in 2rap/lord 4giv us all, feel ma homie Saintp/we christians knws that d devil is d Enemy/he wants us by any means necessary/bt wit God we so strong/thats y i stay fresh like am 4eva Yung/ey bro u knw God cn neva do u wrong (i knw)/he is d perfect God 4 us all/so we gon stay fly like ma homie lets ball/lets spread d word lyrically till d world call(s)/cuz as 4 me ima ball(worship)/ till i fall(die)/to stay high~ i smoke(read)ma bible/cuz i wana b in as the 13 Deciple/dis lyrics here touchd me to pick up ma Pencil/so ima kip goin even if d world Stands Still....

(10:40) Tue, 2 Apr 13
Wow i like this!!!,
my homie tragedy your lyrics are so RELIGIOUS/
anyone who dare closes this thread is just JEALOUS|
so support this positive thread and don't be REBELLIOUS|
first i want to thank jah for his love and GOODNESS|
for blessing me,my family and my BUSINESS|
for dying for my sins and granting me FORGIVENESS|
for making me strong and taking away my WEAKNESS|
i call him jehovah,but i am not a WITNESS| haha,
i am just being fair, no ain't BLEACHING|
i spread dis lyrics like gospel,but i ain't PREACHING|
i am not a pastor but i am lyrically ANOINTED|
2wap world rap saviour,i am the best RATED|
hip hop is in trouble,but i am here to offer her REDEMPTION,
and give her SALVATION,
she was dead but this is time for RESURRECTION,

happy easter everyone
(21:08) Mon, 1 Apr 13
Yo! wad up shaev n PHANTO/keep up d gud work but i've not bn seeing ma homie ELETO/kronz,~Hnc~ lets press haterz lyk d keypad of HTC/internetlord,~rawNdaibolical~ we gon die being LYRICAL/hell seeker ~yungboss~ i swear we da big ~boss~ cos we're still here while otherz are busy carrying their CROSS/we are at d fedral level popping HI^NE^KING at our haterz FUNERAL/we don't drink ~minerals~ ask spektral we da rap GENERALS/d green,white,green in the flag smiley represents vegetation,peace n UNITY/i maybe aggressive but in ma heart there is PURITY/yes they said there is no broda in d ~jungle~but in dis thread we are desperate 2b homies lyk ladies dat are SINGLE/wit my man^hood between my two legs its ~jingle~ all d way as i MINGLE/but i neva 4get God's luv dat KINDLES/evn afta mummy n daddy ate d ~apple~ God still 4gives datz y am lookin so fresh n clean lyk OutKast wit no PIMPLE/lol, haha.

Don't use offensive words here cos dis thread is a temple 4 conversation between God n MAN/evn though we are imperfect thru Christ we have d opportunity 2 talk 2 our heavenly father lyk sons n daughters wether beautiful,ugly or HAN(hansome)/drop ur own post homie if u're God's FAN/or ignore n allow d devil 2 ~fry~ u ~dry~ in hell's fryin-PAN/am tragedy homie but don't let d name spin ur head 2 SPINE/wit God we will neva lack n we will always b FINE/He's not only ~mine~ He's also THINE/

smileyTRAGEDY_STAY_FLY smiley .
(18:46) Mon, 1 Apr 13